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October 2006. Every day is a new day, a destination that I am grateful and thankful and fulfilled to have reached. Now, let's dance! - Melanie Silos, Publisher/Songwriter - Rock for Learning Journal & Keynotes [Photography/Artwork by Marisa Silos]


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Photography & artwork by Marisa Silos


"Every day is a new day, a destination that I am grateful and thankful and fulfilled to have reached. Now, let's dance and keep on learning!" - Melanie Silos

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September 23, 2009 M. Silos:
Hey Hey My My! It's time again for Neil Young's Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California on Saturday, October 24, 2009 5:00pm and Sunday, October 25, 2009 2:00pm.

This year's featured artists include Neil Young, No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Chris Martin (of Coldplay), Wolfmother and more. Visit and learn more about it!

August 25, 2009 M. Silos:

END ROULETTE at a special KROQ event brought the energy of Green Day and Blink 182 with the expressive vocal angst of lead singer/guitarist Mary Jane Snow, whose style and sleekness reminds me of Berlin's Terri Nunn, together with the powerful drum beats, rhythms, and guitar leads of new drummer Sean, lead guitarist Chris, and bassist Rocko. Rocko rocks the house with his own style and striking blond mohawk, and also accredits that some of the excellent bass lines he plays were well written by End Roulette's original/former bassist, Joshua Wayne. Through creative freedom End Roulette has made their way to the music category of The Veronicas and Paramore with an intensity that did not disappoint.

Read the complete feature article here at Rock for Learning! Click in for "END ROULETTE: Spinning for Creative Freedom"

July 29, 2009 M. Silos:
At The O2, September 11, 2009, presented by artists Robert Plant, Razorlight, Joss Stone, David Gray, Tom Jones, Gabriella Cilmi, Danny and Gaz from Supergrass and more will appear in concert to benefit Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity. All proceeds are going to the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy is the UKs largest specialist music therapy charity, providing over 35,000 therapy sessions a year through its National Centre in London and over 40 outreach projects nationwide. It also runs postgraduate training programmes in music therapy and a research programme with regular public courses and conferences.

Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy uses musical co-improvisation to help improve the quality of life for children and adults isolated by conditions such as learning disabilities, autism, mental health problems, neurological damage or serious and terminal illness. It receives no statutory funding and needs to raise almost 3m a year to operate.

For more information go to

RockwellPriority Tickets are available to buy from 9am Monday 3 August, until 8am Wednesday 5 August 2009. (Just for O2 customers).

Learn more about it at

June 25, 2009 M. Silos:
"Where there is love, I'll be there..." ... Awe, Michael Jackson has left his body and moved on to a new venue (Heaven). I know he will be there making music with angels. Michael Jackson was a Jehovas Witness and believed in Jesus, affirming eternal life through Christ (John 3:16).
LIVE FOREVER my friends!

June 24, 2009 M. Silos:

The CARNEY show at the Fonda with The Veronicas was brilliant! (Thanks to Interscope for welcoming Rock for Learning.) Reeve Carney's vocals were 5-dimensional and intense as the Carney guitars as he wailed an intro to Testify. Headliners THE VERONICAS performed with all the sass-n-punch of NO DOUBT and the HEART of Anne & Nancy Wilson (if they were 22 today). The Veronica's singers, Jess reminds me of the Ting Tings "What's not her name" and sister Lisa is an elegant angel.
Music maestro!

Photos by Terri Villalobos. (Thank you Terri!)

June 16, 2009 M. Silos:

New record from Carney, "Love Me Chase Me" single on I-Tunes. Click in and download it here.

And Incubus' "Monuments & Melodies"

It's a great time for new music.

May 6, 2009 M. Silos:
Pete Yorn new cd Back and FourthLet's support our super talented friends and get 'em to #1. PETE YORN's new record "Back & Fourth", a nice one to get on I-tunes! It is at #6 right now. Let's take it to #1. You get 2 bonus tracks with this link. Share it with your friends: "Back & Fourth" on I-Tunes.

And see Pete Yorn featured with some good causes right here at Headline Article: "Activism with Fundamental Values".

And for THURSDAY MAY 7th, I/Rock for Learning will be at the Hear NoHo festival in North Hollywood. Join us to see CARNEY, TOMMY KING and friends! Details here:

More must see great tours now happening:

See you at the show!
:-) Melanie

April, 2009 M. Silos:

Rock for Learning Spring News!
Rock for Learning says HAPPY SPRING and it's time to spring on some new music, so here's what we have for you:

Pete Yorn new cd Back and Fourth PETE YORN brings us beautiful new music with his new full-length record "Back & Fourth" and will be touring the US with COLDPLAY this May and June. Click in to the new; have a listen and get tour dates. Learn more with PETE YORN featured in the Rock for Learning headline "ACTIVISM WITH FUNDAMENTAL VALUES"

Foo Fighter's DAVE GROEHL is in L.A. working on a secret project with guitarist JOSH HOMME (of Queens of the Stone Age)... We'll hear more about that this summer! Dave is an incredible activist; click into get active politically and environmentally with the FOO FIGHTERS; click here and learn more.

CARNEY (by permission of Carney)L.A.'s CARNEY is back on tour and preparing their new full-length record for this year and it's being mastered by one of the industry's leading engineers Gavin Lurssen, who mastered 12 years of T-Bone Burnett's music. Wondering who are T-Bone Burnett and Gavin Lurssen? They are most recently known for their award winning music from the soundtrack of "O Brother, Where Art Thou" and recent award winning record with Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Raising Sand." Way to go CARNEY! Working with the best!

Their sound is growing more intense and more psychedelic than ever, just as their long locks of hair are growing ever longer; hey hippies! Go flower power! The buzz is still resounding from their performance at last year's Bonnaroo Festival; the word from the East coast is even the day after their performance at Bonnarroo, everyone in the media tent was raving with accolades for CARNEY "as the best thing they'd heard at the whole festival." CARNEY is a band to be experienced live without a doubt. They sold out their first 2009 show at the L.A. Troubador in February fully satisfying all the rave, and will be back for more April 25th, and perhaps to a town near you coming soon! Check their webpages for tour dates (more TBA) and get your tickets in advance bacause they go fast! Click in and learn more about CARNEY here on Rock for Learning.

Get tickets for CARNEY at the LA Troubador April 25th HERE
And get their limited edition EP "Nothing Without You" right now on I-Tunes!

And at last! RHCP's JOHN FRUSCIANTE's solo record "The Empyrean" is now available, featuring (The Smith's) guitarist JOHNNY MARR. I am truly fascinated with what I found in John's writing about The Empyrean; Frusciante wrote, "We are all reaching up in our own way and so even when we choose concrete things as the object of our desire, I feel that they are only symbols and that the real object of our desire is the creative force inherent in everything." (from Click in to read the entire transcript and learn more about it. Furthermore the music from The Empyrean is equally fascinating and admirable. Learn more here:

JOHNNY MARR is back in the UK playing with THE CRIBBS. Johnny is a big supporter of Click in to learn more about treatment for autism.

Guitarist FRANCIS DUNNERY is working on a couple progressive rock projects, THE NEW PROGRESSIVES and presently touring with THE SYN. All you progressive rockers, click into! Click in and learn more about Dunnery's charitable cause for children's healthcare and education in the U.K.: The CKD Chidren's Fund

Have a listen to this YouTube 2009 Interview of FRANCIS DUNNERY speaking of his work with the incredibly intelligent ROBERT PLANT in the early '90s:

INDIE MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Australia's acoustic duo THE KIN now touring in the US: Learn about them at

"It is the waters of the winter from which the growings of the spring and summer are nurtured in balance with the sunshine of the future." - M. Silos
God bless the winter; HAPPY SPRING!

April 15, 2009 M. Silos:
New JOHN MAYER cd "Battle Studies" in the works! Have a sneak preview listen here:
Thanks John!

John Mayer is a supporter of The Songbird Foundation. Find it on the Rock for Learning Activism page, or right here

March, 2009 M. Silos:
I have been working in the L.A. area speaking to School Board members, teachers, and parents regarding the concerns in education (beyond the financial matters). The downfall of educational performance in youths is greatly to do with the dysfunctional family units and systems as well as dysfunctional education systems. In a time when there are youths that have NOT DEVELOPED THE RESPECT NOR VALUES that would even allow their attention in resources provided through afterschool programs, it is essential to help recognize troubled youths and reach out to support their better development at a personal level. Parent-Teacher associations and programs can do some help, and Rock for Learning would like to further encourage "PEER SUPPORT GROUPS." Peers are the people we admire and those with whom we work and play. It takes one person to begin to make a positive difference, and you know who you are if you are on a better path than other peers. If you have your fundamental values and strength of self-respect, then you are one who can help by reaching out to someone in your peer group to bring them with you and share and develop respect and values together, and from there keep on learning. I encourage you each to reach out to just one person and help them onto a better path. And if you are rather one who needs help, reach out. REACH OUT! One by one and from there begin a PEER SUPPORT GROUP and make a difference in the lives of your peers. Can we do it? President Obama says "Yes we can!"

Write to me, let me know what's important to you, what matters, what you think, and of course what new great music I should learn about! Rock for Learning!

Melanie xo

9 February, 2009 M. Silos:
Burlington, MA � Rounder Records is pleased to announce that its artists won seven Grammys� at last night�s 51ST Annual Grammy� Awards ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss were awarded the highest honors � Album of the Year for Raising Sand and Record of the Year for �Please Read the Letter.� This makes Rounder only the second independent label in Grammy� history to win in these two categories. The duo also took home awards for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for �Rich Woman� (a category they also won last year for �Gone Gone Gone�), Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for �Killing the Blues,� and Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album for Raising Sand. The duo also performed tracks �Rich Woman� and �Gone Gone Gone� at last night�s awards with producer, bandleader and fellow Grammy� winner T Bone Burnett along with a stellar cast of musicians including Buddy Miller, Dennis Crouch, and Jay Bellerose.

Krauss, as a solo artist, collaborator, producer, and with Union Station, has 26 Grammy� awards to her credit, the most of any female artist or any country artist. Below is the complete list of Plant/Krauss Grammy� wins:

Robert Plant|Alison Krauss
* Album of the Year � Raising Sand
* Record of the Year � �Please Read the Letter� from Raising Sand
* Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals � �Rich Woman� from Raising Sand
* Best Country Collaboration with Vocals � �Killing the Blues� from Raising Sand
* Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album � Raising Sand

From www. RockforLearning. com c/o Rounder Records

20 January, 2008 M. Silos:
HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY USA! Now with Barack H. Obama as the new US President we enter a time of great hope and change with raised awareness that anything is possible. So in this time of great adversity, we can look to the determination and commitment set before us by example of the new US President and carry on to make efforts for a better world.

It's important to acknowledge conditions, and yet not to be disheartened by setbacks and difficulties. As Barack Obama acknowledged, "The challenges before us are many... but know this: They will be met." and he has accepted the honor of leadership to make collaborative efforts with hope to make changes for the better. Let us join him in this great effort. Participation, effort, ideas, suggestions, and proposed solutions are most welcomed. Share them, communicate, activate, and let's make it happen collaboratively.

12 January, 2009 M. Silos:
We launched the 2009 Rock for Learning news brochure today at the House of Blues with featured artist PETE HOPKINS. Every guest who purchased a Pete Hopkins CD at the event received a free 2009 Rock for Learning news brochure. So cheers to all supporters! Thank you to Pete for having Rock for Learning at your show! Get music from Pete Hopkins at

Next event: Come join us to see Rock for Learning featured artists CARNEY at the Troubador, Los Angeles CA February 7th! And see me about a free 2009 Rock for Learning news brochure.


22 December, 2008 M. Silos:

Wishing you all a great holiday season and a wonderful new year full of great music, comfort and joy.

xo Melanie

There's great music to be shared... I love listening to:

Robert Plant
Nigel Eaton
The Cure
Peter Gabriel
Swan Soul
Francis Dunnery
John & Wayne
Pete Hopkins
Johnny Marr
Ian Brown
The Kin
Golden Ratio
End Roulette
The Forward
The Shore
Joshua Swanbom (formerly Nothing)
Pete Yorn
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

And for Christmas, Bing Crosby & David Bowie "Little Drummer Boy"

Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie and Bing Crosby


December 3, 2008, 2008 M. Silos:
Remembering a beautiful soul:
Drummer Michael Lee, 1969-2008 RIP.
(Featured in Rock for Learning article "Commitment to Important Matters")

Page/Plant Immigrant Song/Wanton Song/Bring it on Home/Ramble On

November 18, 2008 M. Silos:
"The Outsiders" Very Inspiring!
Come read this! Very historical and influential, I was very inspired by it:

The OutsidersTranscript of Johnny Marr�s University of Salford lecture entitled "Always from the Outside: Mavericks, Innovators and Building Your Own Ark". [learn more click in here].

"What I mean is, all the greats did it from the outside. And that's very, very inspiring" - Johnny Marr

And speaking of "The Outsiders." It's also a title of a great book from S.E. Hinton that I read in Jr. High School, and is probably the reason I never got into hardcore drugs - that scene when the young kid dies from a bad acid trip. Very influential; changed my life. It's amazing how words shared can be so influential and life changing. Learn more; read "The Outsiders."

November 13, 2008 M. Silos:
This morning I was on the LA Metro bus going down Ventura Blvd in the 8am hour (on the way to report to mandatory Jury Duty) when I usually am rather one to sleep in during these 7-9am hours and stay out of the ridiculous LA traffic jams. It's probably a great service one can do for their country and community to STAY OUT OF RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC and just don't drive in it. It's really a conscious choice and effort not to subject ones self to it. Every canyon passage from the Valley into LA westside and Hollywood was a complete jam, and people go through it every day in LA. The only JAM I want is Rock n' Roll. So, I say (as Bill Cosby's book title quotes) "Come on people!" Drivers in all that rush hour traffic tell your bosses to give you alternative hours or quit, just quit being part of the traffic. Commute, bike, take the metro, get work that doesn't require driving a car in traffic. Plus by not being in stressful traffic is an excellent preventative measure to support good health and wellness, thus contributing to the improvement of the health care issues of the USA.

Admittedly, in the past 10 years, my choice to live alternative hours and stay out of traffic has excluded me from working in most usual 9-5 careers that offer health insurance and retirement benefits. Perhaps we need to initiate some new employer laws that require them to offer alternative hours.

It's everyone's responsibility as an employer and employee to change the way things are. Now that the US elected a new President symbolizing hope and change for the better, let's be part of the solutions.

Today I bought an awesome bicycle and helmet. Way to get around!
Rockin' & Rollin!

November 5th, 2008 M. Silos:
"The day after arguably the greatest eve in our history. We are finally becoming the change we want to see. BRAVO America, BRAVO the people, BRAVO World!" - Seal

Seal - SOUL.  [courtesy of WBR] Rock for Learning cheers for Seal! Watch SEAL's new video "A Change is Gonna Come" from his newest record SOUL, a set of twelve classic soul songs that each evokes their own drama, emotion and romance, created in partnership with legendary producer David Foster. See the video, and get his latest records SOUL and SYSTEM available now at Seal is a supporter of for prevention and treatment of child abuse. Learn more about it click into

LEARN MORE with SEAL & Rock for Learning. Click in here.

October 24, 2008 M. Silos:

ACTIVISM with Fundamental Values
for American Blues, the Environment, and Humanity

Featuring activist guidance from Pete Yorn, The Smith's Johnny Marr, Stone Roses' Ian Brown, Radiohead, Berlin's Terri Nunn, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Incubus' Brandon Boyd, and Swan Soul's Melanie Silos.
"The ability to make a difference begins with getting educated, learning, and having the skills, knowledge, and abilities to enact solutions; learning about conditions and important matters in the community and world will provide the factors from which we may discern our focus, aims, direction and course of action. Fundamental values such as love for humanity, preservation of the environment, and willingness to learn and fix it when broke, are the driving force of care that will motivate action for support and providing solutions." - M. Silos Read the complete article[HERE]


October 14, 2008 M. Silos:
Francis Dunnery will be performing at the OBAMA rally in East Meadow, NY tomorrow (Oct 15 at Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater between 3.00pm and 7.00 pm) alongside other artists such as Graham Nash, David Crosby and Warren Haynes.

And coming OCTOBER 24-26th Francis Dunnery, John & Wayne, & friends will be holding the CKD Children's Fund benefit for children's health and education in Cumbria, UK. Learn more at and tell all your UK friends!

September 27, 2008 M. Silos:
Berlin's Terri Nunn & Swan Soul's Melanie SilosRiding on the metro to the shows and back!

And here sharing Rock for Learning news with Berlin's Terri Nunn at the Goldfrapp concert in Downtown LA, sharing that Radiohead promotes commuting and riding on the metro. And shortly thereafter I took the last bus home.

PYSaturday night, I took the metro and walked over to Hollywood Bowl for the Beck concert. I met with Columbia Records music artist/activist/philanthropist, Pete Yorn talking about his new music on Myspace "American Blues Vol 1" in which he acknowledges American troubles in his lyrics such as the crisis in education, the troubled economy and growing pessimism, etc.:

"$4-a-gallon gas as jobs get slashed
You love your house? Now give it back."

[Have a listen to "American Blues Vol 1" (click HERE) and see the lyrics at].

So with consideration to these serious important matters in the world, Pete Yorn reminds us here at Rock for Learning of a song from Bobby McFarrin and says For Us:
"Don't worry be happy... if you have trouble, when you worry you make it double."

Pete Yorn is working on his new album with producer Frank Black and mscb producer Mike Mogis (known from Bright Eyes and Saddle Creek) that will be released next year. Visit the Rock for Learning ACTIVISM page and provide relief for the "American Blues" with Pete Yorn and support for his favorite causes.

Keep posted here with Rock for Learning! And join me for a virtual visit and chat about important matters here:

"Coffee Talk & Important Thoughts in Beverly Hills with Swan Soul's Melanie Silos" [click in and read more here].
Chat soon! xo Melanie

September 7, 2008 M. Silos: Good Karma!

Saturday night we had a pleasant event at Karma Coffeehouse for the Rock for Learning "Good Karma Concert" with Pete Hopkins and Swan Soul. The focus was on raising awareness of how we treat eachother, and being conscious of the effects of action.

Pete Hopkins Pete Hopkins Headline artist Pete Hopkins began with a favorite "Become" which has the resonance of soothing influence from Simply Red and Mick Hucknell-style vocals. Pete Hopkins surprised the audience with a beautiful acoustic cover of Stevie Wonder's "Mon Cherie Amor." Pete shared an important message in introduction to his song "Love More Than Hate", he encouraged all, "Learn to coalesce." He reminded audience members to Swan Soul"Never give up on a dream," and closed with a bang with "True American" where Swan Soul drummer, Steva Reno spontaneously joined him with an impromptu accompaniment on drums and brought the evening to a crescendo.

Swan Soul opened the event with original songs "Stark Raving Mad" and "Enchanted Man" which also had some surprise excerpt covers of unique acoustic versions (first verses) of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and "What Is & What Should Never Be" with a hint of sprinklings from Coldplay's "Yellow" (You know I love you so) as a tribute to some Rock for Learning featured artists. Melanie Silos Swan Soul's acoustic version of "Outta Control" was out of control fun with drummer Steva Reno off the drum kit and dancing on the table and through the audience with the tambourine! Pete Hopkins joins Swan Soul on lead guitar Swan Soul at Good Karma ConcertPete Hopkins joined as a guest swan on lead guitar for a wonderful jam with Swan Soul's "Wonder," and they closed the first set with a cover of Francis Dunnery's "Everyone's a Star" with audience participation singing "Everyone Everyone's a star!" emphasizing the evening's theme to be conscious of how we treat each other, because as the song says, "Whatever you are... Whoever you are; everyone's a star."

Before the music, the evening began at the Karma Coffeehouse with a warm chat over drinks about important matters such as religious conflicts in the world and community including Tibetan Buddhism and the crisis in Tibet with mention of the new music video "Now or Never: Free Tibet" by Ray Ippolito with cameos from Incubus' Brandon Boyd and Joe Walsh. It was acknowledged that certain religious people do not support events that are not of their same religion and may consider it a conflict of interest. An important comment was shared by audience member, Evan Everhart, that "Any gathering of people is an opportunity to share love." And thanks to Marisa (my sister), for affirming the importance of Evan's idea. I second that emotion! And that was what the evening at the Karma Coffeehouse with Rock for Learning's "Good Karma Concert" was all about.

We are happy to announce that we will continue further Rock for Learning events as this "Good Karma Concert" and hope to see you there! Have a listen to Pete Hopkins and Swan Soul on and I hope you'll join us for future events.

August 23, 2008 M. Silos: Please join us for the Rock for Learning "GOOD KARMA CONCERT"
with SWAN SOUL and PETE HOPKINS, Saturday, Sept. 6th 8pm at Karma Coffeehouse, Hollywood CA (@ Cahuenga/Selma, 1blk so of Hllywd Bl.) ALL AGES!!! Share good karma and do unto others... esp respect human rights and freedoms. (FREE TIBET!)

August 22, 2008 M. Silos: TIBET NEEDS YOUR HELP against the total extinction of their country by the Chinese government. Please view this video produced and directed by a special friend/musician/teacher, Ray Ippolito, who is committed to the cause to help Free Tibet. Ray Ippolito created this special song and music video to help raise awareness and gain supporters in this Tibetan cause (including cameos and support by Joe Walsh, Incubus' Brandon Boyd, and others). The following letter is from my friend Ray Ippolito:

Hello all. I have just finished a really beautiful undertaking with a most amazing crew. It is a music video called:

Now or Never: Free Tibet [View Here](much better quality than YouTube)

It was created around a song I wrote and performed with a handful of dear friends to bring awareness to the horrors that have been going on in Tibet for over 50 years as they continue today. With the Olympics being used by China to try to repair its image as the worst human rights violators on the planet, it would be unrealistic and immoral to look the other way and not offer a clear perspective into what has been going on there for so long. This video is but blink.

To date over 1.2 millions Tibetans have been murdered, 6,243 monasteries destroyed, sacred text and history removed forever. They are not allowed to speak their own language, worship freely and are continually being imprisoned for epic periods of time for infractions as unbelievable as having a Tibetan flag or even a small picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In my travels to India and Nepal the ones that had always been there for me were the Tibetan people. The ones that always smiled and were so loving and warm were the Tibetans. We connected so deeply with them and I promised the very dear ones I met that I would work very hard to bring attention to their tragedy. I would help wherever I could to make their future more promising and peaceful. This is another effort.. One that I am so proud of. I am an artist and I am moved..... I hope you feel the intention. Ray IppolitoI hope you feel moved.... So much so that you will make efforts to bringing attention to this amongst your friends and family and pass this video on, that would be of great help. Contacting your elected officials and voicing your disdain and asking for their position and efforts in this international crisis that is a genocide, refusing to buy Chinese goods and supporting Tibetan organizations such as The Gaden Shartse Monastery ( and Students for a Free Tibet ( Both orgs are doing great work. There are many others and they can all use a helping hand in this most desperate time. Thank you for reading this, for watching the video and sharing it with friends and family. I am very happy to share this opportunity with you and look forward to hearing of your efforts. I hope ALL our efforts will make a difference in the lives of these most precious people. Actually.... I know they will. They arleady are.

In Peace and Solidarity
Ray Ippolito
and the Now or Never: Free Tibet crew

July 29, 2008 M. Silos:

Time for some great shake, rattle n rollin', earthshakin' music!

Yahoo music blog today reported the top 20 albums of all time, and four were LED ZEPPELIN (Phys Grafitti, Zep IV, Zep I, and Houses of the Holy). THE BEATLES, Abbey Road was #5. And #1 was... Read more:

Monday night I went to see THE DUKE SPIRIT launching the release of their new record NEPTUNE at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Definitely I recommend their live shows; it's like hanging out with Blondie Debbie Harry at a Robert Plant concert (and she does!). And in addition to those cool "ooh-eee" Plant-esque vocals in their song "Love is an Unfamiliar Name", with a depth of variety singer Leila Moss does a good harmonica and tambourine with hints of resonances of Bjork and Mazzy Starr, as well. It's The Duke Spirit rhythm section and guitars that all together make it most completely groovy. Join The Duke Spirit and others in the cause to stop the inhumane crisis of genocide now and SAVE DARFUR; learn about it.

And speaking of that feeling like a Robert Plant concert, directly after The Duke Spirit, I zoomed over to Molly Malones in Hollywood to see CARNEY playing a great set. Surprise guest NIKKA COSTA joined them for a special performance of a pretty rockin, version of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog. Guitarist Zane Carney took out a signed burgundy Les Paul guitar for this one (yes signed by Les Paul) and did his best Jimmy Page, and singer/guitarist Reeve Carney always knows how to tickle me Plant-style with subtle interjections (Aaah ahh ahhh! Baby! Baby! Baby!).

Maybe you remember Nikka and her long curly-wavy red hair dancing and clapping in her funky 2000/2001 hit song/video "Like a Feather" and her GAP jeans commercial... I say if there's any woman right to be singing a Led Zeppelin song and any band right to be playing those Zep riffs, it's Nikka Costa and Carney! And here's a cool Duke Spirit Leila Moss-Plant style hollar for ya: "Oooh-woooo!!! Oooh yeah!" Great show!

(Nikka Costa 2001 from YouTube: Play it!)

Nikka Costa also has a new soulful funk record, PEBBLE TO A PEARL.

And remember to get the new Carney EP, NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, featuring "Imperial Lover". Play it!
Imperial Lover - Carney.

As for today's So-Cal 5.4 shake, rattle n rollin' EARTHQUAKE in the L.A. area, I'm happy to say my mandolin and tambourine stayed hanging up on the wall and all the music things are well, Zep/Plant posters and all! And the #1 all time top album as reported by the Yahoo Music blog analysis was...( can you feel it?!!) I feel the earth move under my feet!

Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life.

They say love is blind
and love is music if you know what I mean!
Ooh it makes me WONDER!
And truly, perhaps... Love is an Unfamiliar Name.

xo Melanie

June 30, 2008 M. Silos:

U.S. NEEDS REHAB OFF THE CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY OF OIL. Here's what we can do about it:

What are we doing to offset the rising price of oil and combat our dependency on it? Are you preparing for higher gas prices, 5, 6, $7 per gallon? Or are you taking action to prepare to be not chemically dependent on oil fuel?

A report says there's 200 years worth of oil in Alaska, but 200 years isn't a very long time, and if people continue to use oil fuel and pump its pollutants into the Earth's atmosphere, the comfortable inhabitability of life on Earth won't last 200 years.

How about let's get ready to stop using oil fuel. We need to ask ourselves and our community leaders, what are we doing to offset the rising prices of oil and combat our dependency on it? We need to think of how oil (petroleum) use is integrated into our daily lives, as much as it is used to make plastic products (including toothbrushes), nylon, cosmetics (petroleum products/jellies), used to empower machinery that manufactures and processes non-petroleum products, used to empower transportation of essential products, foods, etc. We need to prepare to change our ways from dependency on oil (petroleum).

US is a country addicted to oil and needs to be rehabilitated off of it. Yes, US needs Rehab. Would we rather continue this chemical dependency on oil and pay the HIGHER PRICE OF CLIMATE CRISIS, letting the Earth spin into further detriment of global warming, and all sing like Amy Winehouse and say "Tried to send me to rehab and I said no no no."

I say, no no no let's rehab off of this oil fuel and prepare better ways of meeting our needs.

Here are some suggestions:
1) Get a Hybrid or Alternative fuel vehicle

2) Reduce use of new plastics - Recycle & Reuse

3) Re-use water bottles and containers

4) Stop buying plastic bottles of water, rather refill existing containers from WATER VENDORS/water vending machines.

5) Stop buying drinks in plastic bottles, rather buy drinks in GLASS or ALUMINUM containers.

6) Bring a refillable cup or container to the fast food soda fountain - make it the NEW WAY to buy fast food drinks.

7) Remember to bring your own cloth grocery bags when shopping. Stores actually PAY YOU to bring your own bag (.5 cent discount in some stores)

8) Stop using nylon (unless its recycled and being re-used)

9) Tell the boss no more NYLON hose; it's bad for the environment and economy.

10) Support LOCAL FARMERS and manufacturers to reduce transportation of goods. (Shop at local Farmers Markets)

11) Walk to the store and home! - no need to start the engine to go a mile. Rev your internal engine; walking is healthy.

12) Commute. Ride the metro. Carpool with someone who has a Hybrid or electric vehicle, or high fuel efficiency vehicle.

13) Purchase vintage/used clothing. Recycled clothing is the way to go, good for the environment and the wallet. The new cool is NOT to spend $500 on a brand new outfit, but rather $5 on new vintage!

14) Make conscious CHOICES: Non-petroleum, Non-plastics, Non-Nylon.

15) Write to companies and government and community leaders and urge them to get active in this effort to REHAB US OFF CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY OF OIL.

I say no no no, no more petroleum, no more plastic, no more nylon, not unless it's something being recycled and reused. What else can we do??? Please add more ideas to this list, and you have my permission to copy and repost this blog on MYSPACE with reference to

Rock for Learning! Let's make the NEW WAY!
:-) Melanie xo

June 18, 2008 M. Silos:

Global warming? Or just a regular hot summer day in California?
HOT tip for HOT days... Sitting in the grocery store refrigerator, yeah get right in there - not just standing in the isle but getting deep into the fridge, in fact the freezer isle is even cooler! Open that door... AAHHHHH RELIEF!!!
It's 106 out here and even with the AC on, my house is still over 80d inside! Thank God for public access AC! So turn off the home and car AC, reduce some CFCs and CO2 emissions and reduce causes of global warming. Get into a cool public place and have a tall cool drink or a smoothie.

Speaking of HOT!
Read on for news from BECK, RADIOHEAD, NIN, CARNEY, SWAN SOUL, JOHN & WAYNE, and more!

HOT SUMMER CONCERT FESTIVAL AUGUST 22, San Francisco Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival with CARNEY, BECK, RADIOHEAD and more!!! Plus headlining 8/23: Tom Petty, 8/24: Jack Johnson Get details HERE.

June 18, 2008 M. Silos:
This just in from the Dunnery camp at New album from UK's Cumbrian acoustic duo coming soon in 2008 from


Exclusive news from the boys, the new record will be titled "Cumbrian at Heart" and if you love the acoustics of Francis Dunnery, you will LOVE the freshness of harmonies and acoustics of JOHN & WAYNE accompanied by DORIE JACKSON. Visit JOHN & WAYNE on Myspace and enjoy a listen from their debut "Nearly Killed Keith".

June 18, 2008 M. Silos:
Swan Soul.  Cover Art by Marisa Silos Help US help you, help teachers and people help the world... Please copy and paste this text and in a letter and send it to your government and community leaders and ask them to support HIGHER EDUCATION and LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT programs.

Join SWAN SOUL in an effort to support Learning Programs & Education Resources and write to government and community leaders about it. Sign letters at events with Rock for Learning! (Event dates to be announced). JOIN US and invite us to JOIN YOU!

"I'll do whatever it takes because I care. Even it it means getting on any stage, big or small, and singing my heart out in public as Swan Soul just to get ATTENTION TO THE MATTER." - Melanie Silos (lead vocals/guitar, Swan Soul)


_______[Copy & Write Letter to Government Leaders:]__________

Dear Honorable Government Members and Leaders of the Community:

What is it about some US and California government and community leaders that they keep on cutting budget resources for teachers, programs and funding of education and learning and skill development programs?

Please raise their awareness and help them realize:

Better education + skill development = Better employment + enterprise and higher income opportunities =
Higher tax REVENUES for government funding of essential programs and community needs.

Raise their awareness and help them realize:
Cutting education and skill development = Lower employment + lower wages/failing enterprises and higher unemployment rates =
Lower tax revenues for government funding of essential programs and HIGHER needs for funding low income and unemployment conditions.

Why has government allowed such essential funding for teachers and programs for learning and skill development to be cut? Perhaps some decision makers didn't LEARN more before making such impacting decisions to CUT essential funding and programs in California and throughout the USA. We realize the economy is suffering especially with rising gas prices, but we need to HELP PEOPLE LEARN to make better decisions, think creatively, and implement alternative solutions when traditional resources create a struggle.

Please support prosperity of people, teachers, students, and funding for HIGHER EDUCATION and LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT programs. Help us raise awareness and motivate the community to LEARN MORE and make good decisions for a better future. Thank you.

(Your Name Here: Rock for Learning Members)

________[End of letter text]____________

(Maybe someone may learn from my personal/professional experience as a former Corp. Training/Learning & Performance Development Specialist, when the corporation cut education and training programs off the budget, the government got less revenue from me. And that's a fact.)

There's an election in November. Let's vote in people who realize this important matter.

June 17, 2008 M. Silos: I am happy to say as the head of Rock for Learning that since my return from New York City to Los Angeles in 2003, I have been making an effort to help the environment by walking and riding the metro/bus everywhere. Walking is great for the mind, body, spirit AND the Earth. In the 80's Missing Persons Boz(i)os might say "Nobody Walks in LA"
but in the new Millenium RADIOHEAD friends WALK IN LA! Check it here!

Yes! This just in from the Radiohead camp...

[from NLMPR]

Radiohead img by Kevin Westerberg from NLM by permission.Radiohead are appealing to fans to think about how they travel to and from shows. (Radiohead now on tour.)

Last year, the band commissioned carbon footprint analysts Best Foot Forward to calculate the carbon generated on their two previous US tours. The report showed that fans� travel to and from the shows accounted for the greatest proportion of the CO2 generated during each tour, something now widely accepted across the industry.

Following the report�s recommendations, Radiohead are encouraging fans to consider public transport where available, or increased carpooling for shows outside city centers. Gig goers can compare the CO2 generated by different methods of transport by visiting an online calculator on Radiohead�s website. Some of the venues have also helped by offering incentives to fans coming by public transport or in a full car.

After the tour, the band will invite ticket holders to submit information on their methods of travel so further research can be done on carbon emissions and methods to reduce them.

Radiohead�s production team will also be posting information on how the band are trying to reduce their own carbon emissions on tour without compromising the quality of the shows.

For more information go here:

For a copy of the commissioned report, go here:

Upcoming tour dates here:

    Radiohead In Rainbows, img from NLM by permission.
  • August 1st - Lollapalooza Festival, Chicago, IL
  • August 3rd - Verizon Wireless Music Center, Indianapolis, IN
  • August 4th - Blossom Music Center, Cleveland, OH
  • August 6th - Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal, Quebec
  • August 8th - All Points West Festival Liberty State Park, New York
  • August 9th - All Points West Festival Liberty State Park, New York
  • August 12th - Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden NJ
  • August 13th - Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
  • August 15th - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario Sold Out
  • August 19th - Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, BC Sold Out
  • August 20th - White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA Sold Out
  • August 22nd - Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco, CA
  • August 24th - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California Sold Out
  • August 25th - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California Sold Out
  • August 27th - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA
  • August 28th - Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA Sold Out

For ticketing info, etc., check:

Photo by Kevin Westerberg by permission of NLM.
Radiohead news courtesy of NLMPR.

June 16, 2008 M. Silos: [from NLMPR]

Beck img by D. Brown from NLM by permission. Beck�s new album Modern Guilt, produced with Brian �Danger Mouse� Burton, will be released July 8th on DGC Records in North America and July 7 on XL Recordings in the UK and Europe.

The new album contains 10 new songs, and with the exception of last year�s Grammy-nominated, digital-only single �Timebomb�, Modern Guilt is the first new material Beck has written since the prolific stretch that produced 2005�s platinum Guero and 2006�s universally acclaimed The Information.

Modern Guilt is a tightly assembled group of songs that range in lyrical tone from introspection and social commentary to off the cuff wordplay and lighthearted humor. Musically, the album�s ten tracks vacillate between economy and experimentation, hybrid and pop classicism, while consistently manifesting Beck and Danger Mouse�s shared interest in psych-rock, folk, electronic minimalism and orchestration.

Beck is about to embark on a tour of the UK and Europe, followed by a number of US headline and festival appearances, culminating in Beck�s biggest hometown headline show to date, September 20 at the Hollywood Bowl!

See confirmed US tour dates below:

  • 8/22/08 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Festival
  • 8/24/08 - Bend, OR - Les Schwab Amphiteater
  • 8/30/08 - Seattle, WA - Bumbershoot Festival
  • 9/20/08 - Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Bowl
  • 9/27/08 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival

Beck photo by D. Brown by permission of NLM.
Beck news courtesy of NLMPR.

10 June, 2008 M. Silos:

THE WHO will be playing with FLAMING LIPS, PEARL JAM, and FOO FIGHTERS for VH1 Honors at UCLA
on July 12th to benefit charity! See Foo fot tour dates
from July 9 in Seattle through September 6th in Toronto.

[from NLMPR]
NIN, img from NLM by permission.

NINE INCH NAILS THWARTS SCALPERS, HOLDS BEST TICKETS FOR FANS! UNIQUE TOUR FAN CLUB OFFERS Best Seats Available Exclusively via Limited Personalized Pre-Sale. Nine Inch Nails has secured extremely limited allotments of the guaranteed best possible seats to every headlining show on the band�s upcoming tour and reserved them for pre-sale via Beginning roughly 72 hours prior to each general on-sale, Nine Inch Nails fans registering under their legal names at will be offered exclusive advance access to these prime tickets.

Additionally, in an initiative to protect NIN fans from scalpers and ticket brokers, every pre-sale ticket will be personalized with the purchaser�s legal name printed on the ticket. Tickets will not be available until night of show, at which point they will be waiting for the purchaser and his/her party at designated will calls at separate entrances to be used exclusively by pre-sale ticket holders.

Government-issued ID matching the name printed on the ticket will be required for venue entry night of show. NO tickets will be mailed in advance. Ticket quantities are extremely limited and available on a first come first served basis. For further information regarding tour dates, pre-sales, on-sales and other major developments, keep checking back at

NIN's new Digi "The Slip" will be available in an individually numbered 2 disc, 6 panel digipak & double gatefold vinyl in the US, Canada, and parts of Japan beginning July 21-22 in the US, UK and Canada. The digi will be LIMITED to 200,000 pieces only, each individually numbered, and will include a DVD of NIN performing live tracks from The Slip at rehearsals, a 24-page booklet, and an exclusive sticker pack. (For UK, Europe, Australia, and other territories, the release will not be limited or numbered, but will otherwise be identical.) The Slip will remain free for download indefinitely from

Also, NINE INCH NAILS tour begins July 25th Pemberton, BC - Pemberton Festival through September 6th at the Los Angeles, CA Forum! Details at

NIN photo by T. Levine, and FF photo by T. Rabash by permission of NLM.
NIN news courtesy of NLMPR.

7 May, 2008 M. Silos:


Click in!

22nd April, 2008 M. Silos:


Saturday April 26th at the Hermosa Beach Playhouse
710 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach
Tickets $20
Pre-sale: (310) 995-7079
($15 for groups of 5 or more) CARNEY(Photo by Marisa Silos)

All proceeds benefit the Breakwater African Development Projects, Waterwells for Africa and Africa Outreach, helping to bring clean drinking water to the people of Malawi, Africa. The clean water dramatically reduces new occurrence of disease and provides resources for micro-farming. Less disease and more food means healthier children and more productive adults� a better world. LEARN ABOUT IT at

visit the feature article:

THE PASSION OF CARNEY: Music from the Heart and Soul"

******************* ALSO ***************

Join me to see another great event with Rock for Learning featured artists:

Wed April 23 10pm
Hotel Cafe $10
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood CA (Cahuenga/Selma - south of Hllywd Blvd.)

visit feature article:

also visit and learn more:
The Kin support Charity:Water
Since its founding, The Kin have been closely involved with clean water initive Charity:Water. The organization raises money to build wells in Africa and provide potable water for hospitals, schools, and simply drinking. At all of their shows, The Kin sell bottled water to raise proceeds and speak about the project. So far, The Kin have raised over $35,000 and spread the knowledge across the country! Let's go see the show and buy some water!

Carney photo by Marisa Silos.

5th April, 2008 M. Silos:
Rock for Learning announces SELF-DEVELOPMENT SERVICES now offered! GET DETAILS HERE: [Enter]

New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning now provides self-development coaching and seminars. Go to Coaching & Seminars for details.


17th March, 2008 M. Silos: HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!


I hate this guy so much that I love him! I think that's something like what Robert Plant said about Francis Dunnery when he got Dunnery to play in his band for the Fate of Nations tour. Such a great amazing guitarist! I call it Gibson-envy. ;-)

Press PLAY:

Have a concert in your house go


28 February, 2008 M. Silos: I made a beautiful wish today, and acted upon it.
Just as I said in the article "Commitment to Important Matters",

  • I made the decision
  • Created the purpose, aim and focus.
  • Took responsibility for action.

Now the rest is up to the Universe.
Tomorrow is leap day, I hope to be jumping for joy!

Make a wish and believe!


19 February, 2008 M. Silos:

REEVE CARNEY & THE REVOLVING BAND:  Reeve Carney says, It matters. (Photograph by Marisa Silos) Rock for Learning invites you to enjoy featured artist CARNEY for a FREE CONCERT at USC. *** All Ages ***

Sharing a set of music that resounds of deep influences of blues and jazz, plus Jeff Buckley, Jack White, and Paul McCartney. With twice the heart and soul of passionate blues, Carney has both Reeve and Zane knocking out the blues with their powerful intensity on guitars. Carney brings truly deep and meaningful self-expression not from the ego but from the heart and soul of passion. That's what great music is, and that's what can be experienced with Carney.

  • 21st Feb 12pm Tommy Trojan Outdoor Concert Univ So. Calif (USC)
  • 22nd Feb 7:30pm Ground Zero (USC) 615 Child's Way LA 90089

Click in to for feature articles featuring CARNEY:

"The Passion of Carney: Music from the Heart & Soul" Carney shares the passion of music from the heart and soul, and affirms what matters. Read the complete article HERE


"Empowerment Through Self-Awareness & Follow-Through" With self-awareness from Carney's Reeve Carney, Afterward, Keane, and more. "This is the matter of being self-aware and upholding the essence of one's greatest nature as it is the core of strength in ones existence and prosperity. It means to stand true to your values and act upon them. It's the creation of empowerment with self-awareness and follow-through." - M. Silos Read the complete article HERE

New CARNEY CD coming soon from Interscope Records.
See CARNEY on tour details at

  • 21 Feb 2008 12noon USC - Tommy Trojan Outdoor Concert LA, California
  • 22 Feb 2008 7:30pm Ground Zero (Free Concert-All Ages!) Los Angeles
  • 23 Feb 2008 8:30pm Mozambique Laguna Beach, California
  • 25 Feb 2008 9:30pm Molly Malones Los Angeles, California
  • 29 Feb 2008 8:30pm Live at the Lounge Hermosa Beach, California

    JOIN US!


    10 December, 2007 M. Silos:

    Led Zeppelin with Ahmet Ertegun - John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Ahmet and Robert Plant Happy LED ZEPPELIN Reunion Day! And how great they are for doing it for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund. Rock for Learning! Let's help raise awareness and apply our knowledge to actions in everything we do.

    Seriously, there are way too many people out there in the world, and right here in the USA, who simply don't have essential skills and knowledge, and haven't realized the importance and value of having basic skills and knowledge: Reading, Writing, Math, Geography, English/Language, critical thinking - i.e., the ability to look and figure something out. You may be surprised to discover how many people in USA couldn't find North America on a globe, let alone find their own city on a map, let alone find their own city on a map, and how many clerks at registers don't know how to figure out change unless the register computer calculates and shows the number for them, and how many people have no idea about the priviledge of voting to uphold the freedoms we presently have that were enabled by important historical efforts. Basic skills and knowledge are essential to function.

    As I support LEARNING, it is not only about basic academic teachings from educational institutions, but moreso to remind and encourage the continuous process of raising awareness and applying skills and knowledge into action.< This includes gaining skills, knowledge, and information, raising awareness on important matters of the community, the world, and also of any matters of interest that may affect both our most simple and complex of choices and actions, including that of new music.

    Like this: "Hey, what's that?!" It's music from Eddie Vedder for a motion picture soundtrack of a new Sean Penn film called "Into the Wild". I'm LEARNING about it through research on the internet. It's about a graduate of Emory University who gave all his money to charity, and disappeared into the American countryside on a quest to find and learn about his inner self. Eddie Vedder's acoustic music is beautifully eloquent. As one of the most socially conscious of activist music groups, Pearl Jam supports many charities, and encourage holiday gift ideas that support valued charitable causes. You can visit them at

    It's a vote, a choice - to learn and raise awareness about great music to get, a good movie to see, organizations to support, what news and information to read, and with whom to get involved and give of our time and energy. I do believe choices are made by both knowledge and feeling, and hopefully we would choose what makes us feel better not worse, and what would help the world get better not worse, i.e. what we would love rather than what we would hate. Sometimes raising awareness is simply about bringing to ones attention that something you would love is right here, and right through here is where you could find out more about it.

    Rock is energy. Let's put energy into continuously raising awareness and applying skills and knowledge into action. And I hope with raised awareness you can and will choose what you would love rather than the contrary. Let's make it happen together! Peace, Love, & Music. Perfect harmony.
    Rock for Learning!


    Melanie xo


    13 November, 2007 M. Silos:

    Led Zeppelin - courtesy of Rhino RecordsLED ZEPPELIN's new best of double-CD/DVD "MOTHERSHIP" has landed... now in stores Nov. 13th. TODAY! I got mine!

    Also, the reunion concert tribute to Ahmet Ertegun was rescheduled for 12/10. Originally scheduled for 11/26/07 at the London O2 Arena with Bill Wyman, Paul Rogers, Pete Townsend, Paolo Nutini and Foreigner, the LED ZEPPELIN reunion concert to benefit the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund was rescheduled due to Jimmy Page's fracture to his finger. Medical prognosis is good and Led Zeppelin will resume the show on 12/10/07.

    xo Melanie


    1 November, 2007 M. Silos:

    Rock for Learning News featuring:

    Read on and learn about it here. Rock for Learning Halloween News!


    31 October, 2007 M. Silos:

    Howz that for scary!


    30 October, 2007 M. Silos:

    Away from the scorches of flames in Southern Cal, this week I'm up here where it seems like "The Middle of Nowhere" in Northern California, and that reminds me...

  • Hot Hot Heat Hapiness Ltd. from WBR*** Just for HOT HOT HEAT fans: Hot Hot Heat calls "Let Me In" with their new CD "Happiness Ltd." and has officially named the 11/10 show at Oran Mor in Scotland, UK a Rock for Darfur show! Learn more about the human rights crisis in Darfur at ***
  • H.I.M.'s Ville Valo, photo by Perou permission of WBR*** Just for H.I.M. fans: Find out what singer Ville Valo is reading and get the new H.I.M. CD "Venus Doom" for $9.99 at ***

    For the firemen and families affected by the recent California wildfires, Rock for Learning encourages your support for the Southern California Wildfire Relief Fund through the California Community Foundation. Learn about it at


    12 September, 2007 M. Silos:

  • Led Zeppelin with Ahmet Ertegun - John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Ahmet and Robert PlantIt's no longer a rumor. It's official! LED ZEPPELIN IS REUNITING for a special concert on November 26, 2007 in London honoring Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet Ertegun. You bet I'm excited about it! Who's the drummer?!? I wanna know! :-D Details soon available at

    [From Press Release:] Also, coming on November 13th, a new two cd 24-track "best of" entitled MOTHERSHIP will be released, with songs selected by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. The long awaited remastered edition of the Song Remains the Same follows and features bonus material.

    "We have revisited 'The Song Remains The Same'," says Jimmy Page, "and can now offer the complete set as played at Madison Square Garden. This differs substantially from the original soundtrack released in 1976, and highlights the technical prowess of Kevin Shirley, who worked with us on 'How The West Was Won'. When it comes to 'The Song Remains The Same', the expansion of the DVD and soundtrack are as good as it gets on the Led Zeppelin wish list."

    ALSO, Robert Plant donated one of his signed acoustic guitars to benefit the Harrison Heart Foundation. The foundation will hold a charity auction in London, at their fund-raising dinner October 8th. To bid on the guitar or for further information, please email: (with the subject "auction"). See the photo at

    KEYNOTE: "The way that is real is the way you can feel. All else is a deceptive illusion. Follow that feeling!" - M. Silos


    4 September, 2007 M. Silos:

    Mass media and pop culture put importance in reaching masses of people to change the world. As Editor of Rock for Learning, I believe we can make a difference in reaching the right people, the people within your reach.

    All it takes is one person to make a world of difference, even if that ONE person is YOU.

    "Today is the history of tomorrow.
    Let's make a difference, make it matter,
    make it worth learning and remembering.
    Rock for Learning!" - M. Silos

    KEYNOTES: "Exit the past to move forward into the future. See who meets you and who joins you there."

    "Reach the highest goals with essential aims and purposeful action. Use discernment." [Read more here.]


    25 July, 2007 M. Silos:

    Ryan Adams, Easy TigerRYAN ADAMS & the CARDINALS: Helping the Learning Process with Peace, Love & Hard Work
    Ryan Adams & the Cardinals put on a masterful performance with a show of acoustic ballads at the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles, CA. His music is so emotional, that even through all the conflict in the world, it brings on the feeling of peace and love - that's right, the L-word, deeply emotional. And sometimes that's what the world needs most, something we all can learn and experience a little more, because when you love what you're doing, it makes the process of hard work all the more fulfilling.

    Ryan Adams & the Cardinals are making a difference with their hard work and are contributing towards a better world in the process. There's much to be learned from professional musicians, and much of it is unattainable through formal education, and rather is best experienced straight from the professionals in action. There's an experience of learning in observing a band as Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and the hard work and precision they put into creating their sound and presentation. It's very clear that they truly care about the quality of sound and music they share with their audience, and they work very hard to make it happen.
    Read the complete article [HERE]

    RYAN ADAMS & THE CARDINALS back in town with the new CD EASY TIGER.
    Grrrr-roar! New music and tour dates at
    Read more here.


    15 July, 2007 M. Silos:

    Johnny Marr & PK Flyers Johnny Marr designs limited edition sneaker in aid of Autism Charities
    Johnny Marr custom designed PK Flyer

    US pairs will be available through Cure Autism Now's website ( ), with all proceeds directly benefiting the charity. Parallel charitable efforts will also take place in the UK, where all proceeds will go directly to The Pictor School, a school in Manchester, England for children with special needs.

    (Photo by Jon Shard by permission of
    Sent to you by
    "You are the magic" - Johnny Marr


    5 July, 2007 M. Silos:

    New Feature Article: "Empowering US with Self-Awareness & Follow-Through"
    With self-awareness from Afterward, Keane, Reeve Carney & the Revolving Band, Nothing's Joshua Swanbom, and more. "This is the matter of being self-aware and upholding the essence of one's greatest nature as it is the core of strength in ones existence and prosperity. It means to stand true to your values and act upon them. It�s the creation of empowerment with self-awareness and follow-through." - M. Silos Read the complete article [HERE]


  • ROBERT PLANT reborn with NINE LIVES box set of all his solo records digitally remastered and expanded with previously unreleased material. See details at

  • Ryan Adams, Easy TigerRYAN ADAMS is back in town with the Cardinals and his new CD EASY TIGER.
    Grrrr-roar! New music and tour dates at
    Read more here.

  • INCUBUS gets SMART with LIGHT GRENADES their new CD and tour. Known to many for their longtime commitment to the environment and social causes with their foundation,, Incubus maintains their commitment on tour with their new CD, Light Grenades, by working with the Sustainable Minded Artists Recording and Touring (SMART) program to lessen their environmental impact by overhauling their entire touring operations to reduce CO2 emissions and waste, and are going with organic and recycled goods. Vocalist Brandon Boyd encourages Rock for Learning that we each can make a difference through "Responsibility, self-sufficiency, and to stay aware, just to name a few."
    SEE DETAILS and join the effort at and

  • Help Combat Climate Crisis with Live Earth.LIVE EARTH CONCERTS ON LIVE WEB BROADCAST SATURDAY 7/7/07.
    Help Combat Climate Crisis with Linkin Park & Live Earth.Help Combat Climate Crisis with Linkin Park & Live Earth. Photos courtesy of BWR. LINKIN PARK HEADLINES LIVE EARTH in Japan this Saturday 7/7/07 to help combat climate crisis. Watch them and others on the live web broadcast Saturday at In 2005 they established to help victims of world catastrophes and combat climate crisis and now have joined Live Earth. Climate Crisis, (global warming), is real; the Earth�s polar ice caps are melting! Former US Vice President/Presidential candidate, Al Gore of Indiana, brings the reality of climate crisis to the forefront of our awareness with his movie-documentary/DVD "An Inconvenient Truth", and has presently joined forces with the Executive Producer of Live8, the intl. benefit concerts for the ONE campaign, Kevin Wall, to co-create the SOS campaign with, a calling to help combat climate crisis. Live Earth hosts a 24-hour, 7-continent series of 9 concerts taking place on 7/7/07 bringing together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Live Earth continues thereafter with you. Learn more, see concert broadcasts, and participate in the effort to combat climate crisis at Other headliners include, Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Keane, RHCP, The Police, James Blunt, John Mayer, and many more. Learn and implement ways to combat climate crisis with the Daily Green and watch concert webcasts on demand. Click into


    REEVE CARNEY & THE REVOLVING BAND:  Reeve Carney says, It matters. (Photograph by Marisa Silos) * The Passion of REEVE CARNEY & THE REVOLVING BAND
    - Share The Passion of Reeve Carney with his songs Testify & Resurection.
    And join them in supporting Hamilton Music Academy - click in for details.

    Featured Artist: THE KIN.  Watch the video and help Darfur - Click in for details. * Helping Darfur with THE KIN -
    Help Darfur by watching their video, each viewing of the video
    "Call It a New Day" sends .35 cents for Darfur - click in for details.


    14 June, 2007 M. Silos:

    DAMN IT'S GREAT TO BE ALIVE! 2007 marks the 5-Year Anniversary of Rock for Learning!

    It was an incredible special event last night. We launched Rock for Learning News premiere (5-year anniversary) at the House of Blues (Sunset) with RESIDENT HERO, SICK PUPPIES, KILL HANNAH, & FLYLEAF. Thanks to Flyleaf & mgmt for the special Rock for Learning VIP treatment.

    Amazing show!!! Charged with high energy, Flyleaf bandmates all run around and across the stage jumping and stomping like it's a basketball court, and didn't once collide. And they brought down the Heavens with their song "So I Thought" with Resident Hero, vocalist, Ryan White, joining them on stage. It was like they channelled 10,000 angels through the orchestration of electric guitars. I met with FLYLEAF singer, Lacey Mosley, she is quite spiritual and says, "We pray to God..." and really cares about her audience. The audience is pretty caring, too. Almost everyone I met in line before the show signed up with Rock for Learning - cool people!

    And here's a new favorite in town... They say the more dastardly the villains, the greater and more powerful the heroes must be. Damn I'll say! RESIDENT HERO f*%#kin' rocks! Flyleaf's, Lacey Mosley, is also featured on the new RESIDENT HERO record.

    And with more love & welcome was KILL HANNAH, carrying on that classic style of The Cure/Robert Smith and friends in image and sound, and yet maintaining a complete uniqueness about them crossing the bounds into Metal/Goth. Getting to know Kill Hannah's bass player, Greg Corner and singer Mat Devine, Greg explains, "Hannah is the name of Mat's ex-girlfriend (not killed, and still friends)." That's how the band got it's name. Of course Rock for Learning does not advocate vengeance nor malicious violence against ex-mates, but I totally understand the feeling. Greg says, "Get past the name and into the music." Their existence symbolizes the meaning of that concept, getting past the #%*@ (the name) and getting on with better things in life. Cheers to that!

    Another crowd mover was SICK PUPPIES here from Australia getting a mosh pit happening (okay so it was just about 10 dudes skipping and crashing about, and the rest of the crowd moved). But really they did get the jumping and bouncing started with some great rockin' energy, and that's all it takes to make a difference in the community, a small group of people with intense passion and energy to share. Hey Sick Puppies, cool to see a girl rockin' out on bass - yeah it is! Sick Puppies will be back on June 29-30th at HOB-Sunset with Breaking Benjamin.

    Come and join me & Rock for Learning! Rockin' out together! Get on my VIP call list!!! Send me your phone # and e-mail and myspace URL if I don't already have it. Serious, I might call you for events.
    Love & Music!
    xo Melanie
    [pictures & feature article on the way!]


    3 June, 2007 M. Silos:

    There's a reason for everything... as the saying goes.

    We apologize for having had NO Rock for Learning publications this Spring as the one and only editor, Melanie Silos, was injured in an accident on April 6th, Easter weekend. (Melanie was hit by a car driven by a careless driver while she was crossing in a crosswalk with at least three people crossing and the driver didn't even look for people entering the crosswalk before turning and hitting Melanie smack in the left side, bounced her off the hood, and thankfully stopped rather than run her over and kill her.) So a bit of a setbaack, but we hope to have Rock for Learning publications and news for the summer.

    Please drive safely, watch for pedestrians including bicyclists, skaters, boarders, and all. Thank you.

    Learning resources for safe driving available through your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Cheers!


    09 APRIL, 2007 M. Silos:

    Rock for Learning Spring News is postponed, but publications will resume as soon as possible.


    MARCH, 2007 M. Silos:

    The longest line of people I ever saw at the Los Angeles Wiltern theater was for Dragonforce & Killswitch Engage! Great people, thank you to the new people who signed up for Rock for Learning. Met a newly ENGAGED couple at the Killswitch Engage show. I asked what's the way to stay together happily married? Together we created the answer: "Talk it out & rock it out!" Way to go!


    25 DECEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:


    Look what Santa brought me - NEW CDs!

    • Pete Yorn
    • Goldfrapp
    • Lacuna Coil
    • A Virgin Jazz Diva Compilation with Billy Holiday & Ella Fitgerald and more!
    • Franks Red Hot Sauce and Honey?!?!? (Cayenne and Honey are great on buffalo wings and a great remedy for flu season coughs and sore throats - got that cold/flu for Christmas, too, cough cough! damn!)

    And starting after midnight Christmas Eve I enjoyed lounging to a Bing Crosby Christmas - Featuring DAVID BOWIE & BING singing Little Drummer Boy! Perumpa pum pum!!! Followed by a cool family gathering on Christmas day with "MEET THE FOCKERS" (Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, etc). Very Cool!

    And my favorite Christmas Gift of all is my new band with my new guitarist/bassist and drummer! Perumpa pum pum!! See you soon!

    KEYNOTE 1227a: "He who makes way IS the way." - M. Silos


    3 DECEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    So yesterday was my birthday and I recently have a new appreciation about birthdays. Birthdays are a day to celebrate not only ones gift of life, and the capacity to be happy, but also the parents who brought the birth into being and ventured the distance in being an important part of life. So thanks to my Dad and my Mom for giving birth to me and being an important part of my life. So today my world it smiles...


    For my birthday (12/2) I got hot new music and I'm still celebrating it! Francis Dummery with Melanie Silos - On a Happy Birthday - circa Welcome to the Wild Country

    • **** THE DUKE SPIRIT **** - ooooh woooo oooh wooo they're radical!

    • **** FRANCIS DUNNERY **** - "Welcome to the Wild Country" Catching up with old times that I never had before... This rocks me out! This record has all the guitar work that puts Francis Dunnery right up there with Jimmy Page on my list of favorite guitarists! I love it! "The Possiblities of Loving You" & "Kiss Me" - what better way to spread the love than with some brilliant music! (And here's a photo of me and Dunnery on my birthday celebration circa "Welcome to the Wild Country" original release.)

    • **** ANGELS & AIRWAVES **** - That Blink 182 singer's got it goin on. Here I am!!!! Can't do this without you!

    • **** THE ARCTIC MONKEYS **** - "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" - They make me dance - I love them! And you bet I look good on the dance floor!

    • * And the best new music (drum roll please...) My own new cover song of LED ZEPPELIN's "Hey Hey What Can I Do" played on my new mandolin. Now I must get a new Led Zeppelin T-Shirt and new bandmates in celebration of it!

    Melanie xo


    1 DECEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Elizabeth Carthew from Sydney Australia - visiting USA here at the Karma Coffee House in Hollywood and all it takes is two brilliant songs as she sings and plays trumpet and piano all at once. Her sound affects the brain like a cup of chamomile tea and honey and a hearty piece of chocolate cake causing endorphins of peace and love. She is Nora Jones & Chris Botti all at once with dynamic vocals like the dawn and midday!

    Please have a listen at


    20 NOVEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:


    • New FOO FIGHTERS first ever Live CD "SKIN & BONES" is coming in DVD! Now available in Europe, Coming Nov 28th in US/Canada, and Dec 6th in Japan. The FOOS encourage support for the Campus Progress national campaign to make college more affordable. As the cost of college skyrockets and financial aid shrinks, increasing numbers of students and families face greater and greater debt, limiting opportunity and mobility for millions of Americans. Visit to watch the videos, learn more, and take action now!

    • KEANE announce UK tour dates for Feb-Mar 2007. See for details. Keane were live on BBC1, performing 'Is It Any Wonder?' on the big Children In Need fundraiser. Learn more about it and support the cause [HERE]

    • Former STP + FILTER bandmates = ARMY OF ANYONE with new great music on their self-titled debut CD. Check out the new Rock for Learning feature article "Making It Matter with ARMY OF ANYONE"

    • JAMES BLUNT Live DVD "CHASING TIME: The Bedlam Sessions" and "Back To Bedlam" now available with previously unreleased bonus material with dual-disc DVD featuring songs live from Ireland! Tonight JAMES BLUNT gives LA the heartwrenching blues with a free performance of "High", "Goodbye My Lover" and "You're Beautiful" at Star 98.7's "STAR LOUNGE" benefit CD release launch party in Hollywood, CA. [Listen here.] THANK YOU to all the new people who signed up with Rock for Learning at the event, especially visitors from the UK & Ireland!
    • If you live in the Los Angeles area, pick up a copy of the STAR LOUNGE compilation CD featuring songs from James Blunt, Goo Goo Dolls, Corrine Bailey Rae, Rob Thomas, Raconteurs, and more! Proceeds benefit VH1 Save the Music and Doctors Without Borders. Get Details Here!

    • Melbourne's Aussie rockers, JET, is performing an exclusive show in support of cancer awareness for the McGrath Foundation on NOVEMBER 21st at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney Aus. - tickets available the day of the event. If you can't make the show and you'd like to make a donation please log on to McGrath Foundation. Also, Jet join the campaign for Make Poverty History. Join them in support of this international cause.

    Here's something to think about: Keane are from Battle, Sussex UK, James Blunt was formerly a British Soldier, Foo Fighters, Army of Anyone, and Jet... Seems to all have a theme... See the new feature on "Making It Matter With ARMY OF ANYONE"


    17 NOVEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Build it up, knock it down, and START OVER...

    I learned something very special from my 2 1/2 year old friend Angi some years ago in New York. She was building a tall tower of colorful blocks and suddenly decided to destroy it and simply knocked it all down. I asked her why did she do that, and she said because she didn't like it. It wasn't what she wanted. And then she happily started over. The brilliant thing was she had all the same blocks, materials and more to build what she really wanted. Kids can be smarter than we know.

    Reminds me of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:19) that people were building to reach the high heavens, but suddenly God knocked it all down because it didn't really lead to Heaven. Seems a pain to start over, but wouldn't it be a worse pain to keep on going with something that didn't lead to the desired or intended fulfillment anyway.

    Some things are worth the pain of destruction and starting over again.


    16 NOVEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    My favorite new records: OK GO "Oh No"
    Every song on the album is great! Check them out on

    and ARMY OF ANYONE with their brand new self-titled debut record featuring former mates of Stone Temple Pilots and Filter with an amazing new drummer. READ THE NEW ROCK FOR LEARNING FEATURE ARTICLE!!! ARMY OF ANYONE: Making It Matter"


    2 NOVEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Hello my Friends, Musicans, Politicians, Activists, & Environmentalists!
    Perhaps New Moon Publishing & Consulting may be of service to your needs for community promotions, campaigns, publicity, and public relations! My 2007 calendar is open and I'm ready to start planning for the NEW YEAR. I'll travel almost anywhere for great music and good causes! So let's make this a good one and make it together!

    As the BEASTIE BOYS would say "Let's try to negotiate!"
    Editor/PR Consultant services for hire by contract.
    Melanie Silos, Editor/PR Consultant, New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning

    Please contact Melanie Silos at for your professional PR and publishing needs. Visit Melanie Silos at New Moon Publishing & Consulting homepage:



    25 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:
    A reminder from brother Dave... Foo Fighters' Dave Groehl that is:

    Learning whatever it takes for a better world!

    The Ethic of Reciprocity. [Learn more enter here.]

    ALSO CHECK THIS OUT!!! SKIN AND BONES, Foo Fighters' first live album, captures the band's critically-acclaimed 2006 acoustic tour with 15 special performances of songs spanning the band's career. Available in stores on November 7th, SKIN AND BONES will be followed up with a DVD version in stores on November 28th.


    24 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:
    When a musician falls in love with a new instrument, learning and expressing oneself from the heart happens naturally. I'm in love with my new MANdolin! And I've created three new songs with it. Actually, I believe the songs came with the spirit of the instrument and there's more yet to be created. Yes, there's spirit in that instrument, there's spirit in everything.


    21 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Learning whatever it takes for a better world!

    Today I am happy because I got a new MAN#$%#* !!!

    So here's to half truths and whole truths because the whole truth is I got a new MANDOLIN to play with! So I was expecting a MAN, but rather got a MANdolin. And as with anything new, a new instrument requires one to learn how to express oneself with it. Good I play guitar, it makes playing and learning mandolin quite natural.

    KEYNOTE 1021a: "The sincere truth needs to be expressed from the source of where it desires to grow. Express yourself whole heartedly and see what grows."


    20 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Learning Whatever it Takes for a Better World!
    What does it take to make the world better?

    Willingness & Intention + Effort = Actions that make a difference.

    WILLINGNESS is recognizing the the attraction and value of a subject, or openness to an option, while maintaining the ability to make the choice of intention and effort. For example, when a musician or aspiring musician sees an amazing instrument, willingness to play exists. Willingness without intention or effort is nothing but a receptive standstill until the choice of intention and effort is made.

    INTENTION is that decision as to what one desires to do about the subject, the aim, goal, or restraint thereof.

    EFFORT is the follow-through of actions made to fulfill the intentions.

    Willingness in itself has metaphysical affects by the laws of attraction and what is put into the universal consciousness; metaphysically speaking what manifests in perceived reality as a result may not be within our control, but what we chose to do about it by intention is within the element of human capacity. Intentions are the power of human capacity to control the forces of will and thus to make efforts towards fulfillment of an intention.

    While it is true the best set intentions are not always fulfilled no matter of applied efforts, the fact of having the willingness surmounted by, reinforced, or affirmed by intention creates the ability for effort to follow through and ultimately creates an affect and makes a difference. Even when one is stranded lost on a deserted island, the willingness plus intention will create the resultant efforts to find, create, or make way to where one rather is willing and intends to be.

    There's always hope for a better world, it's a matter of applying Willingness & Intention + Effort to make a difference.


    16 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos: There are no coincedences. The world is a projection of our own inner self. To analyze the stars in the sky and events in the world can help ones understanding of ones own inner self and personal reality. For all whom have had a bit of their paradise shaken:

    AFFIRMATION: "Love in us, around us, and working through us will prevail over the worse conditions even when we're not conscious of it."

    As the kid song goes "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and YEAH! The band CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH! was in town this weekend. Good music, I recommend to check them out. But this weekend I was not happy and could not clap my hands about it, so I did not get to the show. I got The Feeling the other night that something was about to happen, and in times of trouble as The Beatles say Mother Mary come to me, it means that's a serious call. Virgin Mary - say a little prayer if you believe it will help; and if you don't believe in Virgin Mary, just try Virgin Megastore and sharing good music together, that really helps - Virgin always helps; and for anyone that doesn't want to drink too much alcohol, a virgin drink helps, too. In times of trouble it's good for family and best friends to get together. It just so happens that on Sunday there was a big earthshaking shattering event, 6.6 - 6.7 earthquake in Hawaii affecting many islands. Bad things can happen to good people, no matter of karma, belief, or other best set intentions, it's just the nature of the world. Fortunately no one was killed and no serious injuries. So CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH to that! I'll be sure to catch their show the next time around. YEAH!!!


    Learn to face the truth with love.

    Okay, dear "Friends, Romans, and countrymen lend me your ear..."

    [Remember that speech and what happened to Julius Ceasar - let's learn it here. And TEACHERS I recommend this site:]

    It's time we face the truth, our world is troubled, conflict, wars, global warming, natural disasters, dirty politics, poverty, rampant diseases, lack of educational support and healthcare, crimes, deceptions, heartbreaks, and domestic disputes, people making their own terrible mistakes from which to recover, Jerry Springer TV realities, and really, most good people just want to live and enjoy life together... most good people do.

    So, How Many More Times must we remind ourselves that "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER", and yet people keep on fighting like juveniles. There is something juvenile about war don't you agree, or perhaps it's the manner in which conflict is handled - and I'll agree that some political leaders and communities are rather juvenile in their ways of conflict and mudslinging. Perhaps BAM MARGERA can get some leaders into the Roller Derby rink and let 'em battle their issues out there, something to help make life not stink. And we could call upon LA's T-Bird's Hall of Fame Roller Derby star Frankie Macedo to coach the good guys!!! See this BAM video for example. Even still with such a possible solution of putting our people and their people in the rink, there truly are important matters we need to contend with in the world. Some people, including Korean leaders, believe building bombs will help. Some people, including US leaders, believe military force is necessary. Terroism is a serious matter globally and within our own communities and personal lives, and it's true we need to protect ourselves, and that means yourself and eachother as a unity.

    The question is how will we protect our personal and global interests against war and terrorism without war? Where there's a will there's a way, and we can create it. There really is us and them reality as PETE YORN reminds us on tour as he dedicates and plays his new song "For Us" [Listen Here]. TOPAZ's Groove Church would suggest "Love is the Answer". Willingness and intentions followed by sincerely honest effort make all the difference in the world.

    So we here at Rock for Learning are on this effort to help learn and share and create whatever it takes to make a better world together. And as the Editor of Rock for Learning, I will share as much as possible to make that bit of difference in the world. And always LEARN SHARE & CREATE to make a better world together.

    Here are some helpful keynotes to get us started and get us through this world together beginning with what we all learn in kidnergarten: A-B-Cs. And always remember that learning with music, colorful letters, and images is very important. Maybe learning some of these Rock for Learning keynotes will help make a better world.

    • KEYNOTE 1016a: "Love is not lost when or where it was never found to begin with, and where it truly exists it always will be. Love is only in unity and requires consistent focus and attention to experience its effects." Like a musician never loses talent, but must make that focus of time and effort to play a song. The song is always there, but requires effort to be expressed and experienced. A musician in love with his craft is one with his instrument in unity.

    • KEYNOTE 1016b: "Where is love in the heart or in the head, without unity of all, mind, body, heart, and soul, true love is dead. Reincarnation of love begins with the blooming truth! Sincerity of complete honesty and openness of love from the source of where love desires to grow. One must be true to one's self and love yourself before one can share that truth and love with others."

    • KEYNOTE 1016c: (It's either a new song by some US country singers or maybe just a good keynote.) "You'll not get into the refreshing pool with me, until you get yourself out of someone else's overheated jacuzzi" Like jumping into a new career, or relationship, taking a new direction, or playing a new song - gotta end one before starting the next.

    • KEYNOTE 1016d: "The spirit is infinite, the mind universal, and the body and heart individual; and in each day can unite to rise ever stronger." Get it together; that's all we need.

    • KEYNOTE 1016e: "If the Devil invites you into his lounge to seek the truth, what the Hell do you expect to find there when you know true love awaits you elsewhere." Just gotta know what paths to take and which ones to steer clear of... just like the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway To Heaven" there's two paths, and you know which one's the better way to go! DAMN I LOVE THAT ROBERT PLANT & JIMMY PAGE!!!

    Please write to your community leaders and Rock for Learning with your proposed solutions. [Learn & Share & Create here].


    16 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    This is a great one! You've got to check into the new November Q Magazine featuring interviews with JIMMY PAGE, NOEL GALLAGHER, IAN BROWN, RICHARD ASHCROFT, PAUL MCCARTNEY, and more! Some very important questions they asked, like "What was your high point in the past 20 years?" and "If you could go back 20 years, what would you tell yourself?"

    Speaking of 20 years ago and today... For all you Lost Angelinos here's a classic one to hear: Billy VERA & the Beaters and his memorable hit "WHAT DO YOU THINK I WOULD DO AT THIS MOMENT" that nostalgic heartwrenching break-up "found yourself another" theme song for Michael J Fox & his wife Tracy Pollen from that old American TV sitcom "Family Ties". Billy Vera says subtract 20 years hey? At this time 20 years ago, I remember that song very well. Visit Billy Vera and have a listen at and SEE TOUR DATES!!!

    • Oct 28 2006 8:00P Rusty's Surf Ranch Santa Monica, CA
    • Nov 25 2006 9:45P Cozy's Sherman Oaks, California

    So let's get back to the future here, and if you would like to help the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and learn more about it, please visit What do you think?!...
    That "Moment" song almost makes me cry everytime!
    And hey, it just occurred to me, the frontman for The Feeling, Dan Gillespie, reminds me of the Michael J. Fox character playing guitar in that Back To The Future movie. Check them out live and tell me if I'm right!


    13 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Trust your instincts, gut feelings about things, the body and heart know more than the mind is aware. Had a terrible feeling when I woke up yesterday, sick to my soul, ahh but then maybe it was just foreboding of FRIDAY THE 13th - oooo day of bad luck. And for real, sometimes these omens and superstitions can be true. Learn to read the signs same as reading the weather - when the clouds are dark, expect rain. Well, rather than have the life force sucked out of me by a vampire - I posted up some garlic and got my Virgin rosary crucifix for protection. DAMN FRIDAY THE 13th!

    So last night I set out to go see UK's new ELO/Supertramp influenced group, THE FEELING, performing at the KeyClub. They have a new EP available in the US - "Four Stops and Home" and their complete CD available on-line and in the UK "Twelve Stops and Home" have a listen at There's some good ones including "Never Be Lonely" and "I love It When You Call But You Never Call!".

    On the way there to see The Feeling, I was passing by the JIMMY KIMMEL show, and what a surprise! It was ROD STEWART performing on stage so of course I stayed for that! There I was at the back of the crowd jumping up and down rocking out for Rod Stewart! Rod is still rockin hard and sporting a healthy look and keeps on with those Rod Stewart vocals - never fails to bring on a smile. He wasn't singing his classics "Hot Legs" or "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", but I was thinkin it! Remembering how he used to run around on stage singing those songs... He didn't run around the stage like he used to, but still a great powerful performance! His newest record is of covers of other classics, like "I'll Stand By You", John Fogerty's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" and Bonnie Tyler's "It's a Heartache" [Listen Here].


    12 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Perceive reality with all TEN senses, and you will know the truth. Popular education teaches only five senses and only now admits to the existence of the sixth sense. If you delve further to learn beyond popular education and media, and seek self awareness and understanding, you will find there are rather much more than six senses, internal and external perceptions, I declare TEN! It's interesting that we would need to be told and taught such basic knowledge, but even as a child we must learn to understand ourselves and eachother. There are ten senses, internal and external senses counting one as the mind (or what's currently called the sixth sense), figure it out.[Learn More]


    8 OCTOBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    Congratulations to the boys from Manchester UK, Andrew Rawson and Tom Beech for having and answering the winning code "Nice Chesthair!" woo wooo! ...and rather spelling it "N-i-c C-e-s-t-e-r," that is Nic Cester, vocalist/frontman and brother of drummer Chris Cester of Melbourne's rockers JET the band. Good for Tom and Andrew for spelling it out! They won the opportunity to join Rock for Learning to see JET perform live at the JIMMY KIMMEL show in Hollywood CA. Andrew and friends are of the Manchester UK rock group HIGH ROLLER look for them performing soon in the UK!

    JET is truly rockin with influences from AC/DC and Oasis in their new record "Shine On" with new songs including, "Stand Up" nice one about moving forward with strength; yeah moving full speed ahead boys, this one's inspiring - we got the soul! Plus, "Bring It All Back", "Shine On" and more. I highly recommend it BUY THE RECORD they're great!!! [Listen Here].

    Thanks to the JIMMY KIMMEL people for having us at the Green Room afterwards; nice catering and drinks! And as a reminder to all you partying rockers, please don't drink and drive. Learning from the Mel Gibson and Paris Hilton experiences, after only a glass and 1/2 of wine, I rather went and shopped it off at the Virgin Megastore and bought a bunch of CDs and DVDs before driving home!

    KEYNOTE 108a: "Stand Up & Shine On! It takes only one to make all the difference!"


    21 SEPTEMBER, 2006, M. Silos:

    I've been super busy working on some political/environmental campaigns, and still I have a moment to share great music. This month Pete Yorn was fantastic live launching his new CD "Nightcrawler". He's still touring so catch a show and his new CD, too! (See and have a listen). I also made time to record backing vocals for new songs from my friends in the indi band called "Losing Touch" on their upcoming new song "Wait For Me"- keep an ear open for them New Jersey/New Yorkers!

    Especially exclusive for you who reads this journal, have a sneak preview of new music from ME!!! Melanie Silos (EP) titled "Sagittarius Heart"... The CD/EP is scheduled for target date release in 2007. I'm also seeking to put together a band - need a drummer, keyboardist/bassist, guitarist, etc. to do more recording and plan on some live shows in 2007. It's a plan!!!
    (So I hope God's smiling - coz I hear that to make God laugh, just make plans!)

    MUSIC PREVIEW!!! MELANIE SILOS: "Sagittarius Heart"[Click here for more]

    MORE MUSIC FROM MELANIE SILOS: "Rock for Learning Kids!" [Click here for more]


    18 AUGUST, 2006, M. Silos:

    ROCK FOR LEARNING SUMMER NEWS - Read it here! Click in!


    4 AUGUST, 2006, M. Silos:

    Time is not linear but bent and folded into whirls of space.
    Space, a concept that is measured by distance and yet in consciousness is of no distance.
    As everything in creation exists in the universe within and is projected as external perception,
    therein exists the questions and answers.
    Spirit manifests in different forms yet recognizable to some all the same.
    Self-discovery and awareness is the ultimate conquest,
    to understand the cause of creation and perception, the source of thought and form, and the ability to learn.

    Learn what is within our control and do something about it.
    And realize what is not and let it be.



    30 JUNE, 2006, M. Silos: Perspective... Is the cup half empty or half full? Your cup runneth over or can you barely hold it to maintain anything of fulfillment? Well whoever you are, wherever you are, AT LEAST we even have a cup! Be it empty, half, or full... CHEERS!

    The World Cup!

    Here's something worth learning; how about how to make a goal against all opposition... One for the team. Keep your eyes on the ball.

    Thank you to Beck for playing his classic acoustic song "Everybody's gotta learn sometime..." and to Beck's people for passing the ball around (Rock for Learning news) and helping make a goal! And to all the people who signed up for Rock for Learning at the SOLD OUT Radiohead concert at the Greek in LA - YOU ROCK! - especially those hundreds of most passionate fans who couldn't get a ticket into the venue and stayed for the show from the outside, feeling the vibes and cupping their ears to catch the clarity of the Radiohead sound, a most unique and special VIP section of the most passionate fans who never give up! It's that kind of passion and devotion that can change the world!

    Salud! Salut! a votre Sante! Kanpai! Ging Jao! Gan bei! Sk�l! Sk�l! Prost! Hipahipa! Gia'sou! Iechyd da! Ba'sal'a'ma'ti!! Tim-tim! Cin cin! Na zdravje! Afya! Mabuhay! CHEERS!
    21 MAY, 2006, M. Silos:

    PRE-SUMMER NEWS Read it here! Click in!


    17 MAY, 2006, M. Silos:

    Every day is a new day, a destination that I am grateful and thankful and fulfilled to have reached. Now, let's dance! - Melanie Silos, Publisher/Songwriter - Rock for Learning Journal & Keynotes [photography by Marisa Silos/copyright 2006 NMP/MCSI used to think that I didn't much like politics - even though I did quite well in Govt./Poli Sci class, - but when it comes right down to it, it's "We the People" who make up this world and "We the People" who can make a difference. Thus, getting active and involved in voting and communicating with local and national political leaders is a very effective way to make a difference.

    This season I'm working on a community campaign for a local California candidate whose priority of focus matches my matters of interest, including education, the environment (clean air and taking global warming concerns seriously), healthcare, and public safety. It's great to have a candidate that truly works diligently on important matters of shared priority. As for the situation about U.S. illegal immigrants, I agree with his suggestion to work them into the economic system and make way for them to stay if they're actively making the efforts to do so (and then send back whomever isn't). This campaign work provides me a list of local voters/demographics to whom I visit and share information. It's great to meet and speak with people who are active in making a difference in the community by voting when only about 65% of Americans are registered voters. If you're eligible to vote I encourage you to please get registered and participate in this years elections. Every individual does make a difference - to the point that I will walk 4-5 hours a day going to each voter and walk up some flights of stairs just to reach that one voter who will make a difference.

    In California housing is another matter; the average home out here is at minimum $$$$$$$ A MILLION DOLLARS and nicer ones only much more from there. It's a wonder who all lives in these nice LA homes when the average professional income, corporate or otherwise, is $25K-$50K - at that rate even with a double income family there'll be no affording owning a home around here. The present economy really requires activating creativity and extraordinary thinking to own a house around here.

    According to the local LA demographics 90% of the homeowners around here are 50-80 years old and anyone younger is living with their parents, have taken over their parents house, or are sharing with a bunch of friends. It used to be in the old millennium that once a kid reaches 18, the kid is out of the house and onto making their own home. With the economy these days it's not unusual to find multi-family homes and kids living with their parents at 25 to 30-something. The proof is in the demographics as I see it. So if you're anywhere under the age of 50, don't expect to own a house in California at least until then, unless of course you're totally creative and an extraordinary thinker... That's where learning and activating applied skills and knowledge can make a world of difference. I'm lucky my friends/roommates are creative and extraordinary thinkers, active voters, political activists, members of OXFAM and environmental groups, etc., the people who really make a difference in the world. - Yes, my friend owns the house, and I'm lucky to be here renting a nice part of it, getting active and involved in the community, and appreciating and upholding our human rights and freedoms, including free expression, free thought, and voting.

    Melanie xo

    WRITE TO THE EDITOR: Comments, ideas, suggestions, events, parties, news, etc.: [Contact:]


    15 MAY, 2006, M. Silos:

    Note to Self... Don't let apathy win.

    Learning is any experience that affects actions and behaviours. Please learn whatever it takes to make a better world. Affect actions and behaviours that make a better world, if not for yourself then at least for anyone or anything in the world that you care about... if nothing else really please do it for yourself coz you have the spirit of life in you.

    Music affects action.
    Learning affects action.
    Learning - affecting action - for whatever it takes to make a better world... that's what Rock for Learning is all about.

    Please don't let apathy win... Rock for Learning!


    WRITE TO THE EDITOR: Comments, ideas, suggestions, events, parties, news, etc.: [Contact:]


    27 FEBRUARY, 2006, M. Silos: I learned this from RUMI:

    The Song of Emptiness

    Only with emptiness can the Bell give it's fullest sound
    the Lute resonate its song
    the Brass and Woodwinds whistle in the wind
    and the Drums bellow in their rhythms.
    Rejoice in emptiness and sing from the heart!
    Celebrate the love of beautiful music!!!

    - Melanie Silos 2/27/06

    Members of the Intl Co-Elation: Topaz McGarrigle (Groove Church) & Till Behler (Organic Combustion) - [photo by Melanie Silos]



    ** ROCK FOR LEARNING! Learning whatever it takes for a better world! **

    Did you know in Australia it�s a crime if a qualified citizen does not register and show up to vote. Here in the US 2006 is another election year for state leaders and community initiatives. Now is the time to register to vote and update your voter registration if you�ve moved (registrations available at the US Post Office or visit I encourage everyone to support the initiatives process and sign petitions to get new measures on the ballot for election, and support the political cadidates who stand for your community values. It�s one of the ways we can make a difference in the world.

    This season I�m out there in the L.A. community and campus areas supporting new initiatives, giving people voter registrations, bringing awareness to important matters and needs for alternative clean energy (stop global warming), protecting natural resources, supporting good health and well being, helping the good causes of special organizations, etc. I know many people out there don�t vote, some don�t care, and others have lost faith in the whole government, elections, and initiatives process due to many reasons of past matters gone awry. The government, the world, like everything in life, has its problems and challenges. So please don�t give up, and please be part of implementing change for the better. If you have ideas on how to improve the political processes or any matter of importance in the community, your workplace or otherwise, please get involved. Contact your friends, associates, and community leaders, government officials, get on-line with organizations with similar cares, values, causes, and please sign up and share your ideas, participate, create new ways, and get others involved in important matters.

    If the people with a good mind to know and recognize the problems and needs in the community/world dropped out and stopped voting and participating, then matters would only get worse.

    So please keep on keeping on! No matter of challenges or failed efforts of the past, no matter who doesn�t like you or is against you, no matter of things gone awry, no matter that we disagree with government leaders or have conflicting views, please get involved with important matters. No matter of any disagreements, there is always at least ONE thing that people can agree on and make efforts towards shared agreements. So please find agreement and become an active part of implementing positive change in the world:

    Sign up
    Get involved
    Spread the good word!
    Learn whatever it takes for a better world!

    Rock for Learning!
    Melanie Silos, Editor
    February 2006



    31 DECEMBER, 2005, M. Silos: As something inside acknowledges the reality of another year going by, actually a whole half of a decade as we enter 2006, I look back with appreciation of all artists and people I've encountered with Rock for Learning over the years since the beginning of the New Millennium, including being around the talents of Coldplay, Oasis, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Robert Plant, The Strokes, The Music, Hot Hot Heat, and other musicians full of fire, and I feel the joy of being youthful and full of life.

    It's like falling back in time, except falling forward... realizing the necessity to be responsible and take responsibility, moving forward and facing the reality of developing and continuing a career while falling back into youthful aspirations and going forth into their manifestation - Like a great sensation of swinging and rocking big time. Living life with great sensations, that's what should really be, and to always have that zing of energy inside - that Madison Square Garden feeling, that zing of completely soldout outdoor stadium events, that zing of colorful nature, fireworks in the sky, travel and awe and luxury, that zing of brilliance, that zing of achievement, that zing of first times, that zing of the untouchable reality.

    It's a blessing to be able to feel that zing, and hear and see and read, write, and create, and most of all to share it. I feel blessed to even be thinking any of this. And to everyone who's learning, I hope you're enjoying your homework and music.

    Here's to all the best of success and achievement always! On Commitment & Valued Aims: 'Overcoming the forces of opposition and adversity in upholding commitments and valued aims requires the TOP strengths of being tenaciously decisive, obsessively passionate and focussed, and possessively responsible for ownership of actions, efforts, decisions, and effects of such activities.' - Melanie Silos]FEATURE HEADLINE: Click in for the full feature article
    Activating TOP Strengths for Achievement"
    Featuring encouragement and direction from members of Oasis, U2, The Music, Coldplay, Page & Plant, Hot Hot Heat, plus Francis Dunnery, Editor/Songwriter Melanie Silos, and more.

    Rock for Learning!


    27 NOVEMBER, 2005, M. Silos: When I was a little kid, I was asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And years later when I thought I was grown up, I was asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

    I went on this life path and did school and college and some miscellaneous classes and seminars, had a professional career, and am now here. As I'm about to turn another year older, I look around and realize, this was not my answer of what I wanted to be when I grew up. The name of what I wanted to be when I grew up didn't even exist yet when I was little. In fact I didn't even know about it until just a few years ago, and only now I'm thinking it's something I might want to be.

    So what happens when we're going along on our life path and think we're all grown ups, and discover we aren't yet ALL that we want to be when we grow up. In fact, the way to be what we want is a whole new path that will require more learning and development, learning about eachother and developing what it is we're going to do together. The path is obviously new, do we dare to explore it, learn, share, and create? What happens from here? Let's go! Let's make it happen!

    Do I really want to do whatever it takes to be what I want to be when I grow up. How old are grown ups anyway?

    Rock on! - Melanie


    22 NOVEMBER, 2005, M. Silos: Time to share the celebrations of the holiday season! A time for family and friends, good food and appreciation of everything and everyone we appreciate! Appreciation is the key to prosperity. So I wish a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all this week, and give my thanks for everything that matters, everyone that cares, and especially everyone who has shared support of great music, good causes, and Rock for Learning.

    And next week on Saturday, December 3rd, come on over and experience the beautiful artwork of my sister, MARISA SILOS, at the Blue7 Gallery from 6-9 pm and celebrate my birthday thereafter. Actually my birthday is on December 2nd, but I'll be celebrating all weekend, so please come join me.

    SATURDAY DEC 3rd, 6-9pm
    @Pico and 32nd St.... #7 big blue bus line near Pico and Bundy


    21 NOVEMBER, 2005, M. Silos:

    "Sometimes the mere thought and feeling of it is my fullfillment; thus is the experience of beautiful music. There's even greater fulfillment in experiencing it with every sense of the mind, body, and spirit. That's intensely greater fulfillment!"
    Melanie Silos


    14, OCTOBER 2005, M. Silos: What's been up? A whole lotta music, learning, and development, including support for great music and good causes.

    This year I learned all about Pro Audio from Guitar Center Sherman Oaks [Thanks guys!], and now I know what the hell most everything is and does in the recording studio, computer technology and all! Thanks to my Pro Audio friend, musician/engineer, Robbie Anderson, for helping me to record my first demo in the past seven years of songwriting. Robbie is an amazing musician soon to have his own record out by next year. We used a Rode NT2 microphone in my recording and it was the best sound I've gotten from me in years. Using the right mic and right placement for recording are essential.

    The demo includes my favorite newest songs I'd written and recorded: "For A Moment" (2005) and "Will You Know" (2002). I hope to get them accessible on the Internet this year and an official record done by next year - with a little help from my friends. ;-) So there are only limited copies of the demo around, other than from my parents in Las Vegas, you can go knock on Robert Plant & Francis Dunnery's doors and see if they'll share their copy with you. And if you stop by Guitar Center Sherman Oaks, ask for Robbie Anderson. There might even be some copies of Rock for Learning mini news brochures by the front door.

    At the recent Robert Plant concert in Los Angeles [and he's sounding better than ever in decades!], I spoke with a representative of Heifer International an organization dedicated to helping people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. She mentioned the saying "Give a person a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a person to fish and he can eat for a lifetime." Of course I have an added new millennium perspective about "Teaching one to fish", and it greatly affects the perspective on giving and supporting charitable causes: Sometimes we need to share a fish so people will have energy and ability to aim to learn and create. It's the Rock for Learning motto: "Learn * Share * Create".

    In helping humanity is a careful interdependent balance. There's value in learning how much help one needs and what kind of help will lead to one's self-sufficience. It's great when there's clarity on how to help create self sufficience, but not everyone can be a "skilled fisherman" even given lessons on fishing (theory vs act). Some people are good hunters, others at marketing the product, others at getting creative with a product, and others at serving the product, etc., but first "the product" must be provided for all the others to do their part in the self-sufficiency of the community as a whole. The hunter (fisher) might not be so creative and the creative one might be lame at hunting, thus an interdependent community is made to enable eachother's success and sufficiency. And that explains why we have great chefs, good stores, and a whole industry of fishermen. And last night, I did enjoy that baked teriyaki salmon I cooked up for dinner, thanks to all the people who contributed to my efforts, the grocery store, and the fishing industry that got it there, and to my roommate for playing his library copy of The White Stripes DVD "Under Blackpool Lights" to enjoy while I had dinner!

    It's good to give if someone is in need and we can be of help, and many times sharing some peace, love, and cash is what's really needed. Learning happens; it happens in the process of giving and in the post-analysis of the conditions and results of giving.

    This season I'll be teaming up with the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA, to do some fundraising and promotions for Rock for Learning. So if you're in the Hollywood/Highland area on Friday evenings 8pm-11pm come on by and say hello, sign up with Rock for Learning, and please contribute. Every smile and effort helps! And of course, virtual/internet contributions are welcomed via to Thanks for reading and being active in the Rock for Learning community, supporting great music and good causes!


    THE ROLLING STONES having launched their new record "A BIGGER BANG" with all new original songs, and their 2005-2006 world tour, recommend: where you can get best seats to all their shows in the Bigger Bang 2005-2006 concert tour and support a variety of charitable organizations all at once!

    ROBERT PLANT & THE STRANGE SENSATIONS on tour with their new record "Mighty Rearranger" recently performed in Europe for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and recognizing the gravity of conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa encourages learning to create a greater personal awareness and recommends:
    Medecins Sans Frontiers to provide medical aid wherever needed.
    Nelson Mandela Foundation to help raise Global awareness of AIDS/HIV.
    SOS Sahel the only British development organisation to focus exclusively on the semi-arid lands of the Sahel and Horn of Africa to support activities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Niger and Mali, some of the poorest countries in the world to meet their needs and address their problems.

    PETE YORN now working on his new record will be having a benefit concert with friends on November 2nd at the Troubador (Los Angeles, CA) and recommends: Children of the Night for rescueing Americas children from prostitution.

    FRANCIS DUNNERY now working on the new Grass Virgins/Man Tour DVD, recommends support for the CKD Children's Fund for children's health and schools in the UK, and will be hosting the annual CKDF Fundraising weekend at Ennerdale Lake (Cumbria, UK) October 22-23, with concerts, a sponsored walk, football and more!

    NEIL YOUNG hosts the 19th Annual Bridge School Benefit, Mtn View, CA 10/29 & 10/30 featuring: Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, Dave Matthews (Solo, Sunday only), Norah Jones, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Lee Lewis, Good Charlotte, Bright Eyes, Los Lobos, and Special Guests, and recommends: The Bridge School to ensure that individuals with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities.

    And on a personal note regarding Neil Young, dreams, and wine... [Click here to read more.]


    All the best!
    14 October, 2005

    20 August, 2005, M. Silos:

    Melanie SilosWhat is love?! Check this out! You gotta read this!!! LOVE'S LIKE A BOMB!

    "Love, the sensation of accepting it all, the wholeness of life,
    the existence to feel the passion, the pain, the relief of fulfillment,
    like reaching out to the sky and receiving all the beautiful music that is happening;
    it's romance straight from Heaven. IT'S THAT FEELING!
    There is nothing greater!"

    - Melanie Silos


    19 June, 2005, M. Silos:

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! to all men and single mothers who love their children!

    I always remember the famous quote from a great father in history, Martin Luther King, Jr., "I had a dream..." for in mind is where all great things begin. As you may know how the prayer goes "OUR FATHER which art in Heaven... On Earth as it is in Heaven" also means "in physical reality as it is in imagination/fantasy". In thought is where all creation begins. Maybe original spiritual scriptures really say "In the beginning God had an IDEA." God, Mohammed, Buddah, Lord Most High... THE ONE had an an IDEA. So for FATHER'S DAY, let's remember "OUR FATHER" and begin with a great idea, be it a dream, a fantasy, a good imagination, a thought, a wish, or a prayer, and let it be what it will be. CREATE IT. Wishes really do come true!

    All the best!

    P.S. If you have a moment, please click in to the ONE Campaign and submit your e-mail for a letter to the U.S. President to Make Poverty History and let your friends know about it: GET ACTIVE & INVOLVED HERE - CLICK IN. Or go to


    18 May, 2005, M. Silos:

    "Let's live intentionally,
    with a fire in our hearts that shines and burns like the sun,
    and from that desire
    create create create...
    And by the grace of the Heavens, WE WILL."
    - Melanie Silos



    16 May, 2005, M. Silos:

    Something I learned from my beautiful little friend, Angi, when she was 2 1/2 years old as we were creating and playing with colorful building blocks: When something isn't the way you want it to be, joyfully knock it down and let the pieces fall as they will, and simply build it up again. The greatest part is that we have all the colorful blocks and more with which to build and create and make anything we want to fulfill our hearts desire.

    So as I was teaching Angi some basic ABCs, numbers, arts and music, she was teaching me the great value of working together with people you love to create a life with wealth and happiness. So as needed, joyfully knock it down, and simply build it up in a new way TOGETHER, and surround yourself with people, places, and things you love, enjoy, and care about.

    KEYNOTE: The greatest riches are born from the heart. - Melanie Silos



    14 May, 2005, M. Silos:

    Love is a mystery.
    What if THERE IS NO WHAT IF?
    Call it Fate...
    The present is a gift.

    The past is the present, a gift and a blessing. And in this past present is a gift from my former guitarist - a message from from Ozzy Osbourne's former guitarist, Randy Rhoads:

    "Never give up." - Randy Rhoads


    In the present Ozzy Osbourne has reunited with the members of his original band that grew from the origins of the Birmingham, England area, Black Sabbath, and is now on tour with OZZFEST 2005 on the 10th Anniversary tour of OZZFEST, the internationally renowned heavy metal hard rock music festival. (See details on special tickets at

    Love is a mystery. What if there is no what if. Call it Fate. The present is a gift.

    © 2005 Melanie Silos, New Moon Publishing & Consulting

    4 April, 2005, M. Silos: A friend of mine shared this new best seller "Ask & It Is Given". A great self development book right in line with the concepts of Jane Robert's Seth books and psychology of Albert Ellis on creating your own reality and making change through changing beliefs and behaviors. Good mind food. But go figure... I went to the Sherman Oaks library and asked for "Ask & It Is Given" and the only copy in Los Angeles was packed away in a box in the Little Tokyo library branch, and could not be given because they were in the middle of moving and Lord knows where the book might actually be! So I asked and it wasn't available. Thus, flowing with the Universe, I went to The Bodhi Tree bookstore in West Hollywood where they have an abundance of what seekers may be seeking. I found and purchased a great book of affirmations from Shakti Gawain entitiled "Reflections In The Light".

    As it goes according to Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant: "In the light you will find the road." And with that in mind, catch ROBERT PLANT now on the road in concert promoting his new record "THE MIGHTY REARRANGER" and single "Shine It All" this May 2005. And thus, as we each change our mindful beliefs and behaviors, everything rearranges and the world changes around us.

    Recommended readings:

    **** Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Affirmations by Shakti Gawain, Denise Grimshaw

    KEYNOTE: "Remember the future. The past is something to be discovered within each individual."
    - Melanie Silos

    5 February, 2005, M. Silos:

    "Truth evolves and lasts for but a moment
    Like caterpillars weave into their cocoons and become butterflies
    The truth will fly
    Butterflies soon land in silent stillness
    Many will turn to dust.

    A moment of beautiful truth is still a beautiful moment.
    The truth even in silent stillness will never die
    As all moments are infinite and timeless."
    - Melanie Silos

    KEYNOTE: Look inside and discover your beautiful honesty. Let the truth fly in all its beauty. Together, we create the beauty.

    Excerpt from: "Union - Affirmations for Love" by Melanie Silos © 2000 New Moon Publishing & Consulting

    3 January, 2005, M. Silos:

    "...What a gift it is to be alive in the world."
    - Dr. Zhivago
    (B. Pasternak)
    Learn more from

    30 December, 2004, M. Silos: With respect to the events of Nature:
    May the dead enjoy peace in Heaven,
    and the living find transcendence of pain through acceptance, release, and peace in God.

    Dare to live, learn, and feel. God Bless.

    15 December, 2004, M. Silos:

    Happy Holidays!!!!


    27 October, 2004, M. Silos: From my friend Ray a gifted musical artist and teacher of music: CLICK IN AND LEARN HERE

    "It's funny how we can know perfectly well that something like water
    can take such radically different forms--ice, air, liquid--and yet we
    can't see the same capacity within/among ourselves."



    14 October, 2004, M. Silos:

    To the world that oppresses the true nature of ones being
    into some self-limiting definitions and conditions that are not true to the desires of ones heart -
    The Universe knows the limitless bounds of love, spirit, and truth,
    and nothing can stop it no matter how seemingly far out or unseen.
    Nothing can stop true love.

    Here's to the reality of the ethereal world,
    to dreamers and pursuers of great dreams,
    to the doers and makers of beautiful things,
    to those who never give up,
    and to the effects of the muse onto the artist
    that ignite passion and expression into action and love -
    Salud! Salut! Sante! Kanpai! Ging Jao! Gan bei! Sk�l! Skál! Prost! Hipahipa! Gia'sou!
    Iechyd da! Ba'sal'a'ma'ti!! Tim-tim! Cin cin! Na zdravje! Afya! Mabuhay!

    Come talk to me. Speak my language any language
    and we can learn to understand together! Click in and see.

    - Melanie Silos


    23 September, 2004, M. Silos: Yeah I saw Ryan Adams play at the Wiltern here in LA - awesome show & beautiful music! He's back expressing his truth Rockin' & Learning (Click in for the Ryan Adams feature article) And he's all for the Taco Bell deal even if it means just going for the sauce! Ryan knows about being mad at the Universe, too - the Universe that allowed him to fall and break his hand/wrist, the means of his creative expression. He expressed it clearly on his website when he was all broken up in the hospital having surgery. Good for him he's healed up and back playing again.

    I believe it's important to express the truth fearlessly - Be true in anger and in love without fear that anything bad will come back and harm you or cause any perpetual detriment. Some people stop expression of their own true feelings for fear of "bad karma", that belief about "what goes around..." - the energy you put out will come back to you, etc. Such beliefs can invoke fear of expressing anger and then people walk around all unexpressed and pent up, and it results in a certain insincerity. But that's like instant karma because that person would carry on living insincerely in their own moment all pent up. To be true to ones self in love and in anger is something we should be able to do without fear. So cheers to Ryan Adams for expressing himself in anger and in love.

    I believe the Universe has the power of love greater than any negativity we as humans might experience and express. It's in that power that one can "change the road you're on" and heal, and get into a better feeling of life, on a path that isn't so self destructive or detrimental, and all the so-called "bad energy" ever experienced, expressed, or out there isn't going to come back in Karma to harm you. You can yell out at the Universe about how you truly feel and trust that nothing bad will happen for expressing the truth. Repetition is reinforcement, and one may stop at anytime and start something new, and repeat that thing if it's the better thing to do. Being true, now that's a good thing to do.

    So here's my shout out to the Universe for you - Oooooooooow!!!

    KEYNOTE: Yell out in wild love or yell out in wild anger. You can yell out at the Universe about how you truly feel and trust that nothing bad will happen for expressing the truth.

    23 September, 2004, M. Silos: I believe in that story-that movie: "Heaven Can Wait" with Warren Beatty. He was telling his best friend who he is, as a spirit in a new body, and says "They didn't have a football team in Heaven, so God couldn't make me first string." That part of the movie puts a tear in my eye every time.

    I believe in that spiritual reality so I play my guitar with only five strings to remind myself in thought and feeling of what I do not ever want to forget. There are such things as angels and soul mates and you can see it in a person's eyes and feel it in your heart and soul. And I know a good thing when I feel it.

    KEYNOTE: When parts of the Universe align and meet in a special way - beautiful things happen.

    Feb 6, 2003 - July 2004

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