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The future careers of our young adults and their right to higher education through colleges, universities, and specialized schools is currently being held ransom, a hostage held from its rightful students for the sake of money and profits, and the only way to release it for accessibility is by top dollar. What educational institutions are calling “tuition” is rather by its true name “Ransom” - and the cost demands are getting higher every semester. And who is responsible for this educational hostage crisis? The very educational system of institutions that survive by the participation of its own students.

The economic system has tapped into the vein (and the vain) of the education system and is driving students into bigger and bigger debts and student loans all for the hope of gaining a higher education degree that will lead to a better life with prosperity in a good career. Where it is true that education leads to rewarding careers and abilities, the education system entwined with the economics of our states and country has economically taken advantage and is abusing the very students and families that put money into education.

THERE IS A SOLUTION TO STOP THE ABUSE and give back the students’ right and access to higher education and the hope for a future career at practically NO COST TO THE STUDENTS.

I HAVE A VISION FOR FREE HIGHER EDUCATION, that students may achieve their Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees at practically no cost to them through a virtual online university funded and paid for entirely through advertisers, the same way as Facebook and Google are profiting billions of dollars through advertisers and use. This education system will be accessible online internationally to all people seeking to learn and earn a certificate or degree in any subject currently available in colleges, universities and specialized schools.

The parts of technology that are needed to make this free education system already exist and are actively in use. We the people just need to put the right parts together and activate it. There are already many active online universities, but they too are abusing the system and charging students higher “ransom” for education every year. We will put a stop to the abuse and ROCK THE SYSTEM, shake it up and shake out the corporate greed that has tapped the veins of our educational right.

We can build it! We can make it happen for the future of our country and of our world! And we can then make “Freedom of Education” a new U.S. Constitutional Amendment. For those of us who won’t take anymore abuse and would like to join our action to FREE HIGHER EDUCATION and rather enjoy the FREEDOM OF EDUCATION, please join us and link on and spread the news! www.Facebook.com/RockforLearning We will need an army of experts to build this, so please contact me at RockforLearning@yahoo.com if you are a professional who is interested in helping.

May 27, 2011
Written by Melanie Silos


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