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See up-to date- Rock for Learning News in the EDITOR's JOURNAL featuring great music and good causes with U2's Bono and the Edge with Carney, Neil Young, Robert Plant, Kiss' Peter Criss, Francis Dunnery, and more.

Carney: Mr. Green Keane: Night Train.Francis Dunnery supports CKD Children's Fund The Power of Ever: God Is Always Happening - proceeds support Rock for Learning.

JULIAN LENNON & JAMES SCOTT COOK support Lupus Research with "Lucy", BECK's Record Club, Spotlight on THE MAKEPEACE BROTHERS, and more... Plus,
Feature Article: END ROULETTE: Spinning for Creative Freedom !

End Roulette. Photo by T. VillalobosRay Ippolito Swan Soul official band of Rock for Learning.

Melanie Silos (photo by Marisa Silos) LETTER FROM THE EDITOR:
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Hello Rock for Learning readers.

Learning about important matters and issues in the local community as wells as globally is a matter of attention and effort. We appreciate your attention and encourage your effort in raising awareness on these important matters and participating with our featured artists with actions to make a difference. Enjoy great music, support good causes and keep on learning and sharing your skills, knowledge, and awareness. Rock for Learning needs people who care. Thanks for joining us and making the effort!

I have been working in the L.A. area speaking to School Board members, teachers, and parents regarding the concerns in education (beyond the financial matters). The downfall of educational performance in youths is greatly to do with the dysfunctional family units and systems as well as dysfunctional education systems. In a time when there are youths that have NOT DEVELOPED THE RESPECT NOR VALUES that would even allow their attention in resources provided through afterschool programs, it is essential to help recognize troubled youths and reach out to support their better development at a personal level. Parent-Teacher associations and programs can do some help, and Rock for Learning would like to further encourage "PEER SUPPORT GROUPS." Peers are the people we admire and those with whom we work and play. It takes one person to begin to make a positive difference, and you know who you are if you are on a better path than other peers. If you have your fundamental values and strength of self-respect, then you are one who can help by reaching out to someone in your peer group to bring them with you and share and develop respect and values together, and from there keep on learning. I encourage you each to reach out to just one person and help them onto a better path. And if you are rather one who needs help, reach out. REACH OUT! One by one and from there begin a PEER SUPPORT GROUP and make a difference in the lives of your peers. Can we do it? President Obama says "Yes we can!"

Write to me, let me know what's important to you, what matters, what you think, and of course what new great music I should learn about! Rock for Learning!

Melanie xo


CARNEY(Photo by Marisa Silos) Rock for Learning invites you to enjoy featured artist:


New from Interscope Records CARNEY "Nothing Without You"
EP and the new single "LOVE ME CHASE ME" now available in stores and I-Tunes!
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