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Rock for Learning - promoting great music and  good causes to cultivate a better world.  Now featuring artists: OASIS, COLDPLAY, LED ZEPPELIN, ROBERT PLANT, KEANE, HOT HOT HEAT, RYAN ADAMS, RADIOHEAD, INCUBUS, and more...

Rock for Learning celebrates 15 years of sharing great music and good causes!

Rock for Learning features: KEANE

"The Best of Keane" is available now on iTunes and Amazon, etc!
Please join KEANE and friends doing their best in support of
WARCHILDMUSIC.org to help children victims of war.
LEARN more about it here from WAR CHILD MUSIC.
Here's a spotlight on KEANE from a War Child Benefit Concert 2007.

KEANEMUSIC.com - KEANE (photo by permission of UMG)

** KEANE ACTIVELY INVOLVED WITH THE COMMUNITY - supports the Make Poverty History Campaign (The One campaign in the US) which aims to persuade our leaders to offer Debt Relief to the Third World as well as fairer trade regulations and more funding to battle AIDs. Click in to learn & participate: HERE and go to www.MakePovertyHistory.org. **

**** NEW 2012 KEANE ALBUM "STRANGELAND"!!! Order it at KeanMusic.com! ***

KEANE: Being Keen With Keane
Listen and You Will Know

Keane - Makes their impression on the U.S.  Left to right: Tom Chaplin/Vocalist, Richard Hughes/Drummer, Tim Rice-Oxley/Keyboardist. (Photo use by permission of Interscope. Written by Melanie Silos

With an angelic voice of emotion and melodic sounds of rhythm and keyboards simply soothing to the soul, KEANE make their impression in the U.S. with their new record HOPES & FEARS.

What do I know? If you have a minute, I have time... I caught up with KEANE's vocalist, Tom Chaplin, Somewhere Only We Know, and let's just say it was a personal moment in time to be remembered always. Question is: Does the music we create choose us, or do we choose the music? Tom knows. He says, "It sounds cryptic." It's Greek to me, and definitely a deep philosophical question, I'll say. The truth exists on the inside, and I'll let that up to you to ponder, explore, and learn the truth and origins of life and all creation, Greek, philosophical, metaphysical, or otherwise. So, let's click in for some Greek food for the mind and find out: From Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates to Zeno! It's the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. CLICK IN - ENTER HERE..

You know... Sharing and feeling good music is as essential to the soul for survival as food is to the body, and knowledge is to the mind; and equally a healthy soul is essential for the survival of music. KEANE has that Spirit of Music - not just music, but truly great emotionally expressive music. It's music expressed and deeply heartfelt through KEANE that moves the mind, body, and soul into action to be so driven, motivated and involved with the community. Sharing energy ignites creation, and from merely a little one can perpetuate a lot - a lot of good energy to share and keep it going and alive.

KEANE are actively involved in meeting the community and also in a bit of activism in the world helping child victims of war with a special music release on WarchildMusic.com. A subscription of music through WarchildMusic.com helps to send child victims of war to school.

So I share this special note to everyone involved in Rock for Learning from Tom Chaplin & Keane: "Thanks for keeping music alive."

And I give a special thanks to KEANE: Tom Chaplin (Vocals), Tim Rice-Oxley (Keyboard/Bass), and Richard Hughes (Drums), for turning up, making an appearance, and performing a lovely set in Hollywood, Calif. It's a wonderful first - first impression, first time to see them perform live, and first song on the album. Their music makes a great impression and creates lasting admiration and appreciation for their expressive resonance deeply felt in heart and soul. I bought the KEANE CD and I recommend the same for everyone that wants to feel and experience this great Spirit of Music in KEANE. Listen and you will know. I know...

September 15, 2004
© 2004 New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Melanie Silos
KEANE photograph posted/printed by permission of Interscope Records.


* WARCHILD MUSIC helping child victims of war go to school.


Copyright 2004 New Moon Publishing & Consulting All rights reserved.

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