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The Power of Ever: God Is Always Happening


**** THE POWER OF EVER: God is Always Happening ****
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"God is always happening, not by chance,
but willfully by his divine plan and purpose.
God is constantly being and creating,
happening willfully as occurrences in all ways at all times.
Love is your prayer, and words help express your love.
Pray continually and believe."

- Melanie Silos

Of a spiritual inspirational self-help genre, "The Power of Ever: God Is Always Happening" provides a Christian-based contrast and comparison to many popular metaphysical books including, The Secret (Byrne), The Law of Attraction (Hicks), and The Power of Now (Tolle), and a bridge into Christianity.

As Jesus provides the way to God, sometimes we need help for the way to Jesus. This e-book provides a bridge way into the wholeness of God’s Word through the Bible, and shares the inspiration of scriptures with emphasis on love and acceptance, as well as affirmations of faith, and prayers with recognition of God‘s EVER lasting actions always happening with us, in us and working through us. Discover the secret that they didn't tell you in "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" and find contentment in all circumstances with greater understanding and acceptance of God's will.



"Praise be to God who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me." (Psalm 66:20)

Affirmation-Prayer : God is Ever Accepting
I love you, God, and celebrate your acceptance of us as your divine creation. And as I accept myself and others, I realize that if we are good enough for God, then we are good enough for each other. Lord please help us to be more accepting of each other and welcome diversity in our lives. I am grateful and thankful and praise God with celebration for accepting us. Thank you Lord in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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There's 1000 Things To Do!

There's 1000 Things To Do! So Why Are You Watching TV? (Ferguson)

Life is full of surprises and wonder and many wonderful things to do can be found in this simple book (perfect for the coffee table or as a companion to the TV Guide). With the premise that life is for living and learning, experiencing and stimulating all your senses, There's 1000 Things To Do! provides readers with the spark of lists of ideas for things to including subjects as "The Best Things in Life Are Free", "Give a Little, Spend a Little", and "Go See the World". (limited edition paperback $20)

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