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Rock for Learning!
** Inspiring learning and raising awareness on important matters, great music, good causes for a better world. **

A publication of New Moon Publishing & Consulting - California, USA.

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Rock for Learning is calling all students, teachers, parents,
adults young and old, professionals, and entrpreneurs to join us!

Rock for Learning offers
Self-Development & Empowerment Seminars, Workshops, and Coaching!

from Facilitator/Consultant: Melanie Silos

We welcome everyone that cares to make a better world for
themselves, their family, and community and would like to enhance their ability for success and achievement through self-empowerment .
With all the government budget cuts on education and the falling economy/employment industry layoffs, and important local and global matters, it's time to get together and empower ourselves to make a better world.

CONTACT AUTHOR/CONSULTANT Melanie Silos to schedule programs customized to your needs:

Publisher/Consultant, Melanie Silos PROFILE
As head of New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning, Melanie Silos is experienced as a professional Learning & Performance Development Specialist/Consultant. During college, Melanie worked with a fortune 500 company as a Corporate Training & Performance Development Specialist facilitating administrative and leadership programs and performance solutions for professionals and executives at a statewide level, and gained certifications in facilitating Skills for an Empowered Workforce/Service Plus [DDI], Criterion-Referenced/Performance-Based Instruction [Mager], Information Mapping, Performance Improvement Solutions, and more under the leadership and development of IPS EVP Howard B. Lewis, PhD. Later as a Liberal Arts alumni of Cal State University Northridge (CSUN), Melanie served as a Performance Development Consultant at a national level certifying other professionals and managers in the Learning Resource Team Program as the corporation expanded from the west to the east coast. A self-published author of books on self-development and affirmations, as well as head of since 2001, Melanie Silos aims to continue the effort of supporting and working collaboratively with individuals and professionals to make a positive difference for a better world through music, learning, and development.


Activating Top Stengths for Achievement


  • Relevance of Empowerment at Home, Work, and in the Community
  • Self-Awareness: Self-Definition, Values, Vision, & Self-Direction
  • Self-Direction: Goals, Performance Objectives, & Action Plans
This program is offered in the following formats:

  • Overview Seminar (1 day)
    The seminar is a generalized introductory overview based on description and recognition of the elements of self-empowerment.
  • Comprehensive Workshop (3 days)
    The workshop is individualized and focussed on the actualization of self-empowerment and the development and application of essential actions and practices.
  • Individual Coaching (Hourly)
    Coaching provides attention to individual needs and specific topics and is focussed on the actualization of self-empowerment and the development and application of essential actions and practices.

ALL SERVICE RATES NEGOTIABLE by per diem, per person, or per project deliverables. CONTACT Melanie for rates, scheduling, and more information.
Corporate rates may be higher.
**All services provided in the interest of mutual sustenance and fulfillment. ** Cheers!

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