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Rock for Learning - promoting great music and  good causes to cultivate a better world.  Now featuring artists: OASIS, COLDPLAY, LED ZEPPELIN, ROBERT PLANT, KEANE, HOT HOT HEAT, RYAN ADAMS, RADIOHEAD, INCUBUS, and more...

Rock for Learning celebrates 15 years of sharing great music and good causes!


Get empowered and find your fulfillment
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More Books from New Moon Publishing & Consulting:


There's 1000 Things To Do!

There's 1000 Things To Do! So Why Are You Watching TV? (Ferguson)

Life is full of surprises and wonder and many wonderful things to do can be found in this simple book (perfect for the coffee table or as a companion to the TV Guide). With the premise that life is for living and learning, experiencing and stimulating all your senses, There's 1000 Things To Do! provides readers with the spark of lists of ideas for things to including subjects as "The Best Things in Life Are Free", "Give a Little, Spend a Little", and "Go See the World". (signed limited edition paperback $20) [See listing below for more details]

SILVER & GOLD AT SUNRISE:  In the pursuit of understanding, we may find ouselves in a search for truth and love.  We reach through.. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

SILVER & GOLD AT SUNRISE: Hope & Affirmations Through the Eyes of Love (Silos)

A book of poetry and affirmations that reinforces the strength of love, creativity, self, and union with All That Is. Written at Thelonius Monk Circle, NY and completed at the Garden of the Gods, CO, this is a lovely gift to share. ISBN: 09638202-7-3 ....... 4x5 HARDCOVER 48pp[BUY IT NOW!]

BALANCE:  Emotions are the weather of your body, mind, and spirit...that create the conditions of your experience. Listen to yourself. When conflict results in unmanageable emotions... CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

BALANCE: Managing Emotions & Desires (Silos)

Delve into the recognition of emotion and effects of desire. A personal journal for affirmations and guidance to manage emotions and desires, this little book provides guidance for finding balance, creating self-definition, tangible realistic goals, and opening up to joyful feelings.
ISBN: 09638202-2-2 .......4x5 HARDCOVER 48pp

UNION: ...And the feeling of love as the greatest sense of appreciation came over me.  Together, we give ourselves to each other... CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

UNION: Affirmations for Love (Silos)

A book of affirmations and encouragements to love and do what you love. Includes stories, analogies, and vinettes, for a life with love and strength of self and togetherness. A beautiful gift for family and friends. ISBN: 09638202-5-7 ........4x5 HARDCOVER 64pp [BUY IT NOW!]

Anything You Want!

Anything You Want (Silos)

A colorful illustrated children's wish book for encouragement and inspiring thought and creativity. Based on the premise that faith and beliefs create reality, and action is sparked by thoughts and desires, Anything You Want! is a perfect interactive book to be shared between parents and children. ISBN: 09638202-8-1 (Reprint Pending)


A Job Well Done

A Job Well Done: Training & Leadership for Optimum Performance (Silos)

A resource for training presentation and leadership practices for development of clear performance objectives, well-organized program format and facilitation skills, including learning psychology, coaching, feedback, and program management. ISBN: 09638202-6-5 ........8 1/2x11 SPIRAL BOUND **


is here!!! Music for kids. Click in and HAVE A LISTEN, music for kids of all ages, infants to teens and up. Get it for the kids in your family today!

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