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The Keys of Self Development: ENERGY * AIM * ACTION

Written By: Melanie Silos

Self development is anything that strengthens, exercises, or benefits the body, mind, or spirit and empowers your life and livelihood. It can be as simple as eating an apple, or having a glass of water. It can be anything that is part of gaining resources or more energy needed for higher goals and aims. It can mean building a house and nurturing a family, or even just sitting under the sun imagining anything you want. It can even be as complex as taking a path of education to get a degree in a field for a specialized career or delving into a path of spiritual enlightenment. What are your ideas and aspirations for self development, and why would it be so important in your life? Once you recognize its importance and empowering effects through your own acknowledgement, you will hold the value for the keys of self development.

There are three keys to empowering your life. So let's make a wish and count to three, because here they are:

OUR OBJECTIVE: Through available resources of energy that are within your reach and own creation, you can create a tangible aim that supports your self development and apply action for its fulfillment.

Our first key is ENERGY. Energy is your resource. What do you have? What do you need? And, what are you willing to use? Realize the resources you have that are innate within yourself, and those within your reach and ability to obtain or create. For example, a couple of your resources right at this moment are your mind and this very article. Music and books are a source to create energy and spark ideas. What books are within your reach? Look inside you, what ideas can you imagine? What is possibly beyond what you have ever imagined before? Look beyond your usual limits; what have you imagined that you can make real? From energy you may create more energy from which to achieve your aims.

Now our second key is AIM. The aim is your tangible result, your direction, your goal. It is what you will do with your energy that will strengthen and benefit your self development. If your aim is not to be goal oriented, then it is rather a direction, a way. Your aim may include such criterion as the values and manner by which you progress. It can be a place to go or see, a thing to do or make, steps to take, a destination or journey, a single step in the right direction, a visible difference between now and the next hour, day, or year. It can be knowledge, information, skill, or ability. Your aim is ultimately the tangible result you wish to create. What is the tangible result you can make?

The third key is ACTION. Action is the applied effort towards your aim. Effort can be mental, emotional, or physical. Applied effort means taking visible steps and actions toward your aim. If your effort is emotional or mental, what are you physically doing to recognize your action? Applied effort may be the act of thinking about what is required to achieve your aim. It may be the act of opening up to feelings. Ask yourself, how would you recognize your own progress if your actions are thinking and feeling. These are such actions only you would know you are making. An action may even be having patience, by the act of being calm and identifying the right moment to make more physically assertive action. Other more obvious actions are those that are visibly physical action steps. Whatever your aim, take action now.

Through these three keys: ENERGY, AIM, & ACTION you can empower your life with self development. So rev up your engines. Tap into that buzz of life and feel the ZING of it all "'Coz life is truly amazing!" Go go go! Allez! Allez! Allez!

© 2002 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting

Copyright 2001 New Moon Publishing & Consulting All rights reserved.
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