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Rock for Learning - promoting great music and  good causes to cultivate a better world.  Now featuring artists: OASIS, COLDPLAY, LED ZEPPELIN, ROBERT PLANT, KEANE, HOT HOT HEAT, RYAN ADAMS, RADIOHEAD, INCUBUS, and more...

Rock for Learning celebrates 15 years of sharing great music and good causes!

Rock for Learning features: RADIOHEAD

Please join RADIOHEAD and friends in support of
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - Voices for Human Rights.
LEARN more about it here from Amnesty Intl.

Here's a spotlight on Radiohead from their Amnesty Intl. Benefit Concert of 2009:

[from NLMPR]

Radiohead img by Kevin Westerberg from NLM by permission.Radiohead are appealing to fans to think about how they travel to and from shows. (Radiohead now on tour.)

Last year, the band commissioned carbon footprint analysts Best Foot Forward to calculate the carbon generated on their two previous US tours. The report showed that fans� travel to and from the shows accounted for the greatest proportion of the CO2 generated during each tour, something now widely accepted across the industry.

Following the report�s recommendations, Radiohead are encouraging fans to consider public transport where available, or increased carpooling for shows outside city centers. Gig goers can compare the CO2 generated by different methods of transport by visiting an online calculator on Radiohead�s website. Some of the venues have also helped by offering incentives to fans coming by public transport or in a full car.

After the tour, the band will invite ticket holders to submit information on their methods of travel so further research can be done on carbon emissions and methods to reduce them.

Radiohead�s production team will also be posting information on how the band are trying to reduce their own carbon emissions on tour without compromising the quality of the shows.

For more information go here: http://www.radiohead.com/themostgiganticflyingmouthforsometime/

For a copy of the commissioned report, go here: http://www.radiohead.com/radiohead_bff.zip

    Radiohead In Rainbows, img from NLM by permission. For ticketing info, etc., check: http://www.radiohead.com/tourdates/

    Photo by Kevin Westerberg by permission of NLM.
    Radiohead news courtesy of NLMPR.

    Now available through www.warchildmusic.com. Download the special Jonny Greenwood remix of "Go To Sleep" recorded live in Japan 2004 for .99 cents to help charities, and for every monthly subscription a Congalese child will be able to go to school. Warchild Music's September 2004 line-up includes Radiohead, Keane, Lucky Jim, and Bloc Party. Also click in to get the historical 1995 HELP record featuring Oasis, Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, Paul McCartney, The KLF, Blur, The Charlatans, The Chemical Brothers and Paul Weller.

    Brings Out the Stars at the Hollywood Bowl

    Written by Melanie Silos

    Are you familiar with Radiohead? What could happen when you pay attention and listen to that inner voice in your self, that radio in your head? When I didn't have a ticket to go see Radiohead, I listened to mine and it said "Just go do your thing and hang loose;" and by making trade fair, I was given a ticket for the show! And here's what happened.

    "THERE THERE" plays Radiohead... I could feel it, the resonant percussion and depth of sound that moves the soul into rhythm and dance. "Advocates of Philanthropy," Radiohead, got me dancing under a starlit evening sky at the Hollywood Bowl, Friday night Sept 26th, 2003, the second of two sold out events. And no kidding about the stars in Hollywood! From the sky to all the people, they brought out the stars in my eyes.

    Who all were there to enjoy Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl? Just to mention a few, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosanna Arquette, Meg Ryan, whose smile is as bright in real life as it is in the movies; plus, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea and Anthony Keidis flew in all the way from their show the night before in Milwaukee, just in time to enjoy the show; regarding Rock for Learning, Anthony Keidis says enthusiastically, "I'll read it!" Coldplay's Chris Martin made a surprise appearance in the audience, and where there's Chris, there's reminders of support for OXFAM.org "Make Trade Fair", and though he was attempting to be hidden in disguise, his persona shines so brilliantly I would recognize him anywhere; quite nice was meeting again with Rusty Anderson, guitarist for Paul McCartney, who I originally met briefly in Las Vegas in Spring 2002 and included him in the first Rock for Learning newsletter; this week Rusty had just returned from recording with Paul in London to do a benefit show in LA on September 23rd to support landmine removal, all of whom welcomingly received both Rock for Learning and Radiohead's creative sharing.

    Listening to Radiohead is an experience of the soul through feeling the emotional resonance of their music. To actually experience and see the show is an added value of brilliance, not only from the visual effects of the lightshow that backed the music like fireworks and twinkling stars, the great vibes of the people in the audience, and the depth of creativity and musicianship of the band, but also to see the characteristic self expression of Thom York that is definitively his own. That little Thom York when he gets that dancing spirit on he just goes for it! He really works the audience; there were special moments at the piano where he got quite flirtatious with the big screen camera and had everyone smiling.

    As for our "Advocates of Philanthropy," Radiohead held a very nice afterparty at the Hollywood Bowl at which they were all there, there; and I was kindly welcomed to join the party by their guest. Every person at the show who received a Rock for Learning card or newsletter was officially invited to click in to Rock for Learning as well as the Radiohead website and support any of the listed philanthropic organizations, such as OXFAM.org and Amnesty Intl.

    Philanthropy is not only about supporting charitable organizations that help bring education to the community, but also it's about benevolence to humankind and doing good for the development and sustenance of others. Radiohead did amazingly, bringing together great people and sharing a fulfilling, soulful, heartfelt and inspiring experience. The effects of which are ever empowering and will certainly transpire into more greatness.

    The Radiohead Hollywood Bowl experience, was not just a Radiohead event, but it was about ALL the people, everyone from the hotels and airport/airline staff, the city bus drivers, event staff, KROQ 106.7 radio people, and security to the guests, the band, their families and mates, that created it together to be what it is.

    It's a gift to be familiar with Radiohead. Nothing fake here, they were exactly who I wanted this time. Thanks to all the guys of Radiohead for sharing their NICE DREAM Friday night at the Hollywood Bowl and bringing out the stars in the sky and with the people, ending the show with a brilliantly lit message to remember FOREVER...

    RADIOHEAD Official Website Click in to Radiohead's LINKS for a list of their selected Philanthropic and political organizations.
    Photo use by permission of NLM Productions & Capitol Records.


    ** 2004 NEWS **

    RADIOHEAD release new CD single special live re-mix of "Go To Sleep" available through www.WarChildMusic.com to support children of war.

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