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NEW RELEASE May 11th 2010!!! Full Length record "MR. GREEN" from Carney, featuring their single "Love Me Chase Me" on I-Tunes. Click in and pre-order a limited edition Autographed CD or download it after May 11th at CarneytheBand.com. Join us and see them on tour and for the CD Release party at the El Rey in Los Angeles, May 15th and June 1st in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom. See more tour dates and watch the "Love Me Chase Me" music video featuring actress, Evan Rachel Wood, on Myspace.com/CarneytheBand.

How many classic rock and blues song influences can you identify in this new song from CARNEY "Love Me Chase Me"? These guys are so great, you're crazy if you don't check 'em out! It's so new and original and yet it touches upon so many greats from the Beatles (psychedelic era), Led Zeppelin, Chicago (I'm a Man), The Who, and more...tell me what else you hear, it's at the tip of my tongue and it's wonderful... Listen at www.Myspace.com/CARNEYtheband.

CARNEY (by permission of Carney)L.A.'s CARNEY released their single "Love Me Chase Me" from their full-length record mastered by one of the industry's leading engineers Gavin Lurssen, who also mastered 12 years of T-Bone Burnett's music. Wondering who are T-Bone Burnett and Gavin Lurssen? They are most recently known for their award winning record with Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Raising Sand." Way to go CARNEY! Working with the best!

CARNEY has brothers Reeve and Zane Carney killing the blues with their powerful intensity on guitars and complete their full power of sound with a tight rhythm section featuring Aidan "JD" Moore on bass and Jon "Epcat" Epcar on drums. Their sound is growing more intense and more psychedelic than ever, just as their long locks of hair are growing ever longer; hey hippies! Go flower power! The buzz is still resounding from their performance at last year's Bonnaroo Festival; the word from the East coast is even the day after their performance at Bonnarroo, everyone in the media tent was raving with accolades for CARNEY "as the best thing they'd heard at the whole festival." CARNEY is a band to be experienced live without a doubt. They sold out their first 2009 show at the L.A. Troubador in February fully satisfying all the rave, been touring with The Veronicas, and will be back for more, and perhaps to a town near you coming soon! Check their webpages for tour dates (more TBA) and get your tickets in advance bacause they go fast! Learn more about CARNEY here on Rock for Learning.

Join Carney and friends in support of an important school, The Academy of Music at Hamilton High, www.HamiltonMusic.org. And get tour dates for CARNEY... here.

New CARNEY EP "Nothing Without You" now available in stores and Myspace.com/CarneytheBand and have a listen and get tour details. Come and see the show!
And join CARNEY in support of Water Wells for Africa.

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The Passion of CARNEY: Music from the Heart and Soul
Written by Melanie Silos

What makes music so great that it's worth experiencing over and over again? Surely it's the passion! Musician/songwriter, Reeve Carney shares the passion with deeply intense blues in his songs Resurrection and Testify, and adds beautiful harmonies with the voices of his brother and sister, Zane and Paris Carney with a set of music that resounds of deep influences of blues and jazz, plus Jeff Buckley, Paul McCartney, and Led Zeppelin. With twice the heart and soul of passionate blues, Carney has both Reeve and Zane knocking out the blues with their powerful intensity on guitars and completes their full power of sound with a tight rhythm section featuring John David "JD" Lipscomb on bass and Jon "Epcat" Epcar on drums. Carney brings truly deep and meaningful self-expression not from the ego but from the heart and soul of passion. That's what great music is, and that's what can be experienced with Carney. This is a group that MUST be experienced live to know the true effect of their passion.

Featured Artist: REEVE CARNEY & THE REVOLVING BAND!!!  Click here to visit the official Reeve Carney website:  www.ReeveCarney.comOn matters of making music, Reeve shares an important message on the quality of sound recording: "It matters;" declares Reeve; even if some people think it doesn't, "It does matter." Having the right equipment, good engineers, and talent makes all the difference as Reeve passionately shares some new and unique music items with friends. From childhood the Carney's learned music from their parents and in school. Learning perfect pitch is very important to guitarist, Zane Carney, "When we were kids our Dad used to have us sing 3-4part harmonies in the car." And at their early pre-teen years, their mother got permission to have them play and jam at a local blues club/restaurant, Smokin' Johnnies, in Studio City, CA, and later continued on at Cozy's after Smokin' Johnnies closed down.

Nearly a decade later, here they are sharing their passion with talent and love. As an alumni of the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School, Reeve is very dedicated toward helping others receive the same benefits he, Zane, and Paris had while attending this school. "This school was truly a blessing to the family." Reeve says, and they ask for your generosity in supporting HamiltonMusic.org along with other great music artists, including Paula Cole, Chris Botti, Blood Sweat & Tears, and others.

Reeve Carney also tours and plays guitar and lap steel for songwriter- blues guitarist, Jonny Lang. Carney are working on their premiere record to be released by Interscope Records. Learn more about The Passion and spread the love and great music with Carney. Come see them live on tour; get details at Myspace.com/CarneytheBand

February 2008
Photo by Marisa Silos
© 2008 New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Melanie Silos

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