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Having completely sold out of all quantities of the 15-vinyl-LP 218-track box set, Pax Am has confirmed a July 2 digital release for RYAN ADAMS’ LIVE AFTER DEAF.

While the physical box set that crashed the servers of both paxamrecords.com and kungfunation.com before selling out in 8 minutes featured 218 tracks total (144 on vinyl plus 74 digital-only bonus tracks), Pax Am will be offering multiple configurations via iTunes and Amazon:

* A complete digital box set including all 144 tracks from the 15 vinyl LPs and an additional 30 of the 74 bonus tracks

* The option to buy any of the 15 single-show LPs, which range in length from 8-11 tracks each

* Every one of the 174 tracks from the complete digital box set will be available for individual purchase

RYAN ADAMS’ LIVE AFTER DEAF chronicles the 15-date June 2011 UK/Europe tour that marked Ryan’s return to live performance. Sandwiched between the completion of his acclaimed Ashes & Fire and its October 2011 release, the shows were the first of a solo acoustic tour featuring Adams performing to arguably the best reviews of his career–The New York Times called it a “Gorgeously hushed communion… One slow, perfectly poised song after another” while the SF Weekly raved “Shows rarely get more revealing — or more engaging — than this.” With setlists featuring tracks covering the breadth his career – from Whiskeytown through early solo landmarks Heartbreaker and Gold to the Cardinals era and about-to-be-released material from Ashes & Fire–RYAN ADAMS’ LIVE AFTER DEAF is a rare and intimate document of an artist reconnecting both with his fans and his own body of work.

Now, in celebration of its one-year-anniversary, LIVE AFTER DEAF provides fans a way to re-live that tour–or experience for the first time.

Stay tuned to paxamrecords.com for further developments.

[Written by NLM - 2012]

Ryan Adams hard working at soundcheck. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals:
Helping the Learning Process with Peace, Love and Hard Work
Written by Melanie Silos
July, 2007

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals puts on a masterful performance with a show of acoustic ballads at the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles, CA. His music is so emotional, that even through all the conflict in the world, it brings on the feeling of peace and love - that's right, the L-word, deeply emotional. And sometimes that's what the world needs most; love is something we all can learn and experience a little more, because when you love what you're doing, it makes the process of hard work all the more fulfilling.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals are making a difference with their hard work and are contributing towards a better world in the process. There's much to be learned from professional musicians, and much of it is unattainable through formal education, and rather is best experienced straight from the professionals in action. There's an experience of learning in observing a band as Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and the hard work and precision they put into creating their sound and presentation. It's very clear that they truly care about the quality of sound and music they share with their audience, and they work very hard to make it happen.

Ryan Adams says, "I sang 29 songs last night." That's 29 in quantity and he's careful not to strain his voice as they find the right levels for the dynamics of his vocals, and he insists, "Two hours of sound check." That's what it takes before every show, and sometimes more to get that right sound, including the perfect balance between highs, mids, and lows of all the instruments, guitars, bass, drums, lap steel and vocals, and how the form of the room affects the sound. Ryan Adams is one who will not settle until it's right, even if it means working longer up until the last minute before doors open - and maybe even holding the doors until it's right, they work as hard as it takes to get it right, and it takes two. You know what I mean.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, new CD 2007 EASY TIGERThe show begins for an expecting audience. Ryan Adams' voice is expressed powerfully and emotionally on every song and reaches even the top balconies with the gentlest of dynamics and feeling, so good it can make me cry. The Cardinals guitarist, Neal Casal delivers that perfect Ryan Adams guitar sound on his own acoustic presentation of the songs; Jon Graboff is brilliant on lapsteel, and new Cardinal bassist, Chris Feinstein adds a surprising complement of backing vocals, while drummer Brad Pemberton achieves a full drum sound with just a small kit.

Later at the bar drinking my Red Bull with drummer Brad Pemberton, he adds, "I'll have the full kit in a couple of days for the rock show," as he explains they alternate sets depending on the venue. -- And when Ryan rocks out on his electric guitar especially on the highly intense new songs "What Sin Replaces Love" and "These Girls" rivetting with deep blues, passion and a solo and bridge that resound of something of The Doors or even a Jimmy Page-style blues-guitar intensity, something totally different from him than ever before, it's earth moving. See the videos. "These Girls", "Everybody Knows"--

Ryan Adams appears in the room with a refreshing presence holding a bottle of Pelegrino water sharing the gift of sobriety. His ballads so peaceful and so emotional, I asked Ryan about his music, how does he do it day after day and still be as deeply emotional every time. He says, "I don't know; maybe I trick myself." That's the candid truth. Maybe it's like magic; that's what the expression of love is like: Just like magic! ***and sparkling fireworks ;-)*** In a world where the expression of emotions is not always encouraged, it's a much appreciated gift to feel and share so much emotion with music. As we shook hands I did not want to let go - maybe a subliminal response to his song "Please Do Not Let Me Go" from his record "Love Is Hell." Maybe it's really Love is Hell-O, and I'll say, Ryan Adams you had me at open door. Ryan Adams says it with his songs on his new record "Easy Tiger": "Everybody Knows" it takes "Two."

Holding on just FOR A MOMENT longer, maybe by osmosis if we could just join hands we can change the world and make it a little better together. Well, maybe with a little peace, love and hard work - a lot of effort. Big Grrrr-roar for Ryan Adams and his new record Easy Tiger! Have a listen and link on; he's on MYspace.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Neil Young hosts annual Bridge School benefit - see www.bridgeschool.org for details. Ryan Adams featured on Neil Young's Bridge School benefit CD - see www.bridgeschool.org for details. Ryan Adams is a featured artist on Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit compilation CD/I-tunes downloads, "The Bridge School Collection", with other artists including Nora Jones, Hootie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Bright Eyes, and more. Neil Young hosts Bridge School benefit concerts annually in the fall at Mountain View, CA. Join in and help the learning process; get the CD and benefit concert details at www.Bridgeschool.org

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

© 2007 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
Ryan Adams photos courtesy of NLM (Ryan photos by Neal Casal)
Neil Young photo courtesy of WBR (photo by Pegi Young)

BIG-GRRRR ROAR for RYAN ADAMS After a year of making country music and touring with Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams is back with his classic sound and his backing band, The Cardinals, with the new 2007 record Easy Tiger and making a better world in the process.

Visit and have a listen at Myspace.com/RyanAdams

Ryan Adams brings a continuity of history into present day form and style.   In all his spontenaity, and rasp and grrrr - who else would be better to carry on the classic influences of blues based rock n' roll with an essence of freshness of all that is now. In concert with new music, Ryan declares - I Will Learn To Love - **Photograph by Bob Gruen. Posted with permission of Lost Highway Records.** RYAN ADAMS & THE CARDINALS have yet another new CD in addition to his critically acclaimed "Cold Roses" and classic country "Jacksonville City Nights" now there's "29" available December 20th 2005! It's so good it hurts! CLICK HERE to listen to "29" and pre-order your copy now! Have a listen to every track of JACKSONVILLE CITY NIGHTS and his new single "The Hardest Part" at www.Ryan-Adams.com

RYAN ADAMS: A Well Spring of Passion & Creativity

Written by: Melanie Silos
April 2005

The passion, the pain, the love, the desire, the longing from the center of ones being and the satisfaction and joy to feel it expressed and released into the creativity of music, this is the experience one may find with RYAN ADAMS, an experience worth sharing.

Like fluid lightening bolts of emotional expression, he plays every note with a channelling of passion flowing from the depths of his soul through the tips of his fingers into the melodic sounds of his guitar.

The spark of crazy love exudes in his very presence through one of his many incarnations. Simply by changing the style of his hair, the fashion of his clothes, the expressions in his tones, he reincarnates in form, but the song - the spirit and essence of his nature - remains the same. He breathes and creativity happens, magic that manifests by a puff of smoke. From his painted canvasses of colorful art to the depths of emotional expression in his lyrics and music, RYAN ADAMS is the ANDY WARHOL of the art of songwriting. From his past records Rock n'Roll, Heartbreaker, Demolition, Love Is Hell, to his new music for 2005, it all glitters of GOLD.

True to his brilliant nature, RYAN ADAMS brings life and spontaneity with comedy and rambling on in chats with his audience. Together with the masterful collaboration of his band, THE CARDINALS, he shares an event that is not only a show of musicianship, but more of a visit with him and his bandmates that we, the audience, may know the persona behind the music.

Through his music and performance, RYAN ADAMS shares the experience of being alive and active in learning to love and accept the wholeness of ones being, the truth in every aspect of the self from the stark raving mad craziness of mind and body to the most delicate emotional gentleness of the heart and soul. He shares the experience of learning to love the passion, the pleasure and the pain of desires in the dance of life,
the inspirations of creativity,
every little bit,
strange and new,
familiar and old,
of darkness and of light,
all that is,
everything you are,
the creative truth,

From the wellspring of his continuous creative passion, RYAN ADAMS has 3 new CDs this year beginning with "COLD ROSES" this Spring, followed by a double CD from his country-side this summer. Click into www.Ryan-Adams.com for details.

April 24, 2005
© 2005 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
Ryan Adams photograph (© 2003 Bob Gruen)

RYAN ADAMS: I'm Still Learning!

Ryan Adams 2004

Written by Melanie Silos
September 21, 2004

Ryan is back on tour with his latest record Rock N' Roll and "Love Is Hell Pt. 1 & 2" after healing from a severe broken wrist & hand last winter. With months of physical therapy in New York, Ryan says, "The only thing that healed my hand was playing; it hurt, but it fixed it." He's smokin' as ever before, and out there with his brilliant talent, humor and charisma playing Rock N' Roll. With 20 new songs in the making, in concert Ryan declares he is still learning and shares the new song "Learn To Love".

[Continued: Read more about Ryan Adams at Rock for Learning Publishers Journal September 23, 2004.]

** Get RYAN ADAMS' Book & CD: ROCK N' ROLL in stores now! And click in for 2004 Tour Details, merchadise and more! **

RYAN ADAMS: A Light of Brilliance

Written by Melanie Silos
January 2003

From The Stones' generation is born a star... One in a constellation of many, without whom the whole would not be what it is, he's RYAN ADAMS:

A guitar slinger bangin'-it-down-on-the-ground-when-you're-done, spotlight-on singer/frontman known for his profound talent of songwriting. Three solo CDs under his belt, "Heartbreaker", "Gold," & the newest "Demolition," with undoubtedly more on the way. Writer of the song "When The Stars Go Blue" also performed and recorded live by U2's Bono with The Corrs harmonizing a most beautiful lyric line: "Where do you go when you're lonely - Where do you go when you're blue - Where do you go when you're lonely - I will follow you - When the stars go blue..."

Songwriter extraordinaire from an alternative-country group called "Whiskeytown," Ryan brings a continuity of history into present day form and style. In all his spontenaity, and rasp and grrrr - who else would be better to carry on the classic influences of blues based rock n' roll with an essence of freshness of all that is now. The Black Crowes did it in the 90's - Now, this is the new millennium generation of classic rock n' roll. He's not Keith Richards, not Bob Dylan, and certainly not "The Boss", nor is he Paul Westerberg, but damn close... Perhaps he could likely be the new replacement for that classic rasp and grrr inside the heartfelt callings of All-American old-time rock n' roll.

It was a very cool winter day in New York City. Up on stage at Madison Square Garden opening for the Rolling Stones with cigarette in hand, and an all too neat jacket and tie, and smooth hair just waiting to get all ruffled in that classic rock'n just-rolled-outta-bed messy hair look, Ryan Adams exudes he's still in love with New York. Were those blue jeans Levi's? He's an all-American rocker, hip with a spice of fun and spontenaeity of humor that is but only a glimmer of the light that shines of his brilliance. Calling out time and again to the New Yorkers at Madison Square Garden "It's great to be in Chattanooga!" - "Thank you Chattanooga!" he was as real as it gets.

We're each an individual part of this integrated whole, stars shining our own light, each with a valid purpose for existence. What is this light of brilliance that shines through Ryan Adams - It's the SHARING OF GREAT ENERGY. The type of energy that can keep a train rolling all night long! Energy that can get your motor running and head out on the highway, looking for adventure... even just for the blessing to feel that rock 'n roll grrr. If you didn't know Ryan Adams before, I hope you know now. A blue star, ONE in a constellation of many, without whom the whole would not be what it is.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While in NY Ryan also performed a mini-benefit concert on 1/17/03 at the Ryan Adams supports Housing Works - visit Housing Works Used Book & Cafe in Soho, NY to help.Housing Works Used Book Cafe where 100% of proceeds go to Housing Works non-profit organization to provide housing, job training, and other services for homeless New Yorkers with HIV and AIDS. Ryan is on tour with the Rolling Stones in January-February 2003. For Ryan Adams official website and tour info visit Ryan-Adams.com.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

January 22, 2003
© 2003 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
Ryan Adams photograph (© 2003 Bob Gruen) and lyrics from "When the Stars Go Blue" posted/printed by permission of Lost Highway Records.

Please join us March 25th, 2010 at 9pm
at the New York Bowery Electric
for the Memorial Benefit Concert for musician Chris Feinstein (bassist of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals).
See http://www.spinner.com/2009/12/16/chris-feinstein-death/
Chris was a really great person and wonderful musician, especially with Ryan Adams & the Cardinals.


**** Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: CARDINOLOGY *****

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cardinology (photo by permission of NLM.) It's a time for a better world, so what can we do to make a difference? Ryan Adams & the Cardinals' are self-expressed from their new record, Cardinology: "FIX IT" is the message I hear. And do it with a little "MAGICK". Have a listen at Myspace and we can even "LEARN TO LOVE". Well really, that's something to learn about and understand better, the power of the law of love and what goes around comes around. Ryan & the Cards (Ryan Adams and drummer Brad Pemberton) are changing their world with a little more sobriety, and even cutting the smoking. Changing isn't easy, but we can do it; you can do it... and soon we'll be saying "We did it!" Oh my, Ryan without cigarettes, the world is surely changing. All the best to you! Let's do it!

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